Bauer APX2 87 flex Ovechkin Curve or p08 Product Review


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Want to score more top shelf?   Want a super light stick with the lowest kick point for a quick fast release and powerful shots?   Then this is the stick for you…

Specs:  Bauer Vapor APX2  87 flex with Ovechkin p08 curve

I’ve been testing out the Bauer Vapor APX2 and loving every second of it… this stick for me is magical…   With this stick I feel like I’ve gained a snap shot…   With the hockey sticks ultra low kick point… the shaft flexes in the right spot to get off a quick responsive but hard shot…   Bauer’s wide hosel helps keep the blade stable and strong through your shots in my opinion…  To give you added accuracy as well as power.  see photo below… This feature is in a lot of the Bauer Line up and isn’t an improvement on the original Bauer Vapor APX

On slap shots I find you have to put in a little less effort into the shot… I’ve hit 86mph with the Bauer Total One Surpreme 110 flex with Toews p14 curve.  Which is the hardest shot I’ve recorded.   The Total One is a true Mid Flex stick and is built more for slap shots (or at least that is what Bauer says).  the Total one is also a much stiffer flex and will give players that can flex the stick with a slap shoot a bit more power.     The APX2 is more of a quick release stick.  I’ve hit 83mph with a slap shot with the APX2 which isn’t bad at all in my humble opinion.    The harder I tried the less the mph I was getting… I took a more relax effortless approach and got much better results… so that actually is a nice thing.  Grade A

On wrist shots and snap shots I feel the APX 2 has an amazing low kick point… which helps a lot when you want to release that quick shot off…  the 87 flex is easy to flex and get off that quick shot when you are in tight on the goalie.  It really helps with being quick and deceptive with your shot with breakaways as well… I really enjoy that part of the stick and doesn’t take much to get off a hard shot with the flick of your wrists. Grade A+

Stick Handling with the APX 2 has an amazing feel to it… you can really feel the puck when stick handling up the ice…   The weight of the stick isn’t the lightest but one of the lightest sticks on the market…   it is very well balanced and the feel of the stick makes Stick handing not just amazing but improved… in my opinion.   Grade A+

Passing and Receiving a pass both feel great… The one piece foam core of the blade really gives you some soft hand when sending a pass to your team mate… Receiving a pass is actually much better… the stick almost feels like it is catching the pass more than anything else and as mentioned above you get a great feel of where the puck is on the blade.  It also can send some sweet saucer passes as well but I think that is more on the player then the stick…  Grade A+

The Blade:

The Biggest Improvement in the APX 2 is the blade of the stick according to Bauer.  I was able to test out the Original Bauer Vapor APX and loved that stick… I actually snapped blade off the stick on a one timer Slap Shot while I was testing it out…   I felt pretty horrible but luckily the stick was still under the 30 day warranty…   It is actually how I got the APX2… my friend sent the stick back and he got it replaced with an APX2 with a p08 curve and 87 flex… So I did what any good friend would do… I bought it off him =)    I didn’t get much time with the original APX but from what I heard the APX 2 went back to a one piece foam constructed core.   I can’t say one blade is better than the other because I liked both… But so far the APX2 is really up to take a beating and is a whole lot strong than the original APX.

The Shaft:

The Inter-Laminar layer will keep heavy impact to a minimum to improve the longevity of the stick. The TeXtreme Carbon Fiber construction allows for maximum torquage on shots without risking the integrity of the stick. The eLasTech Resin System enhances the durability as well while the Intelli-Sense Flex Profile will give you everything you need in a powerful stick flex.



What does all the mumbo jumbo mean above?  Well in a nut shell… it means you shaft of your APX 2 will take a whole lot more punishment.  So if you get a chip it won’t spread or fracture through out the shaft.   This also adds to the strength and longevity of the overall stick.  This also means you won’t feel like you are loosing power each time you use the stick as well…   I’ve noticed after using my Nexus 600 for awhile the shot just keeps getting softer and softer…  Resulting in a not so happy Brent and a weaker and weak shot each time the stick has been used… I don’t notice this with the APX 2 but again ask me this after a year of use.  The Shave is concave and has nice rounded corners… it feels good in both hands and very comfortable…   Grade A

  • Level of Player: Ideal for the advanced to pro level of player
  • Construction: True One-Piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Double Concave Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Low kick
  • Weight: 404 grams (based on a P92 curve, 87 flex)

Well with all that said… Is this stick for you?  Maybe? Well if you play in a Mens League 2 to 3 times a week then I would say lay out the 259 plus tax bucks for the stick… You’ll feel and see the improvement 100% but if you play once a week and just a recreational player… It is hard for me to say “dude ya gotta put that 2nd mortgage on your house for this stick”

259 bucks plus tax is a lot of money to lay down on a stick… Is this stick worth it… Yes every penny of it.. but is it worth it for you… that is for you to determine.

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