True Xcore 9 85 flex TC2 curve lie 6.0 Full Review


Truly Game Changing…  is True Hockey’s tag line…  but is it a game changer?

STICK SPECS:  85 flex TC2 Curve 6.0 lie with grip Sr.

The True Xcore 9 is a mid flex stick which is great for the blue liners who enjoy a big shot from the point.  What gives it an added bonus is the xcore 9 blade technology.  The urethane insert  built into the blade and is patented gives an amazing feel to the blade.   I do believe it does add a bit of blade heavy weight to it… but I find that isn’t a bad thing.   Some hockey players love a little bit of weight in the blade.  Even with the added weight.  I don’t feel that it ruins the feel of the puck when stick handling.

The blade feels very solid.  Like if a wood stick and a composite stick had babies it would be the xcore 9.   I can’t say it feels a lot like wood but it totally has a softer feel to the blade than a top of the line composite blade on the market today.Xcore 9 definitely gives you flatter shot.  I also feel it is a lot heavier of a shot as well.  Due to the added spin to the puck.    One of our goalies told me how he could really feel the shots through the pads.   I can also hear it when I miss the net and makes a thunderous sound against the boards.  I know I know I am suppose to hit the net…  Everyone misses from time to time give me a break.

The Shaft is a mid flex kick point and feels like it is very smooth through the kick point.  I know you are probably like “what the hell does that mean”!   I feel it is an easy smooth transition though the shot.. it flexes pretty easy out of the box and gets snapper the more you use it.  At least that’s how I feel.   The concave shaft also feels really good in my hands.

The Grip I am not one for grip.  I enjoy a matte finish any day of the week but they didn’t have one… So it took a chance.  I did get use to it after using it for months on end.  I probably won’t be getting another stick with grip anytime soon but if you are a grip person the grip feels pretty tacky but no different than any other grip stick I’ve checked out on the rack at the store.

The Balance is slightly blade heavy as I said before.  I also found out one thing is that other stick manufactures are doing.  They are cutting their sticks shorter so they can have a lighter gram weight, save on materials and to advertise better balance.  Well bravo to True Temper for not cheating us on a full length stick.   They give you full length of a Senior hockey stick.

The Slap Shot is where this stick shines.  If you like to crank one from the point.  Then you’ll love this stick.   It really pops right off the stick and the puck is really flat when it comes off the blade.   The added spin due the puck staying on the blade longer is an added bonus.   I feel like I’m shooting laser beams with this thing.

The Wrist shot with this stick is pretty standard.   I don’t think any of the technology built into the blade is helping with getting the puck flatter or adding more spin.  This technology is great for snap shots and slap shots.   It also doesn’t hurt either.  The mid flex stick has a great snap to it.  It is also very accurate with shots.

The Value with this stick is… it is built like tank.  I’ve taken over 1000 upon 1000 of slap shots with it.  With no gimmick coatings or anything other than good quality control.   Yes the stick has a few nicks and scratches from hockey skates but it has zero stress fractures and shows any signs of “loss of pop”    I actually feel the mid flex stick works even better the more I use it for my snap shots.  It is a bit over priced though at the most expensive stick on the market right now.  but only by like 12 dollars more.  But that is your call.  This stick has been used and abused and out lasted my 1x 10 times over.

So if you are looking for a stick that is durable and gives some extra spin on the puck to give the opposite goalie that “heavy shot” feel (which means he’ll feel every shot you send him.  You also have a few extra bucks to pay for a premiere stick.  Then the True Xcore 9 is the stick for you.

Hope this review helps

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