Super Sunday Humor Hockey meme


I posted this and then took my daughters outside to snowboard a bit.  I come back 1 hour later and what what?  In 1 hour over 1000 shares and over 47,000 people reached?    It must of struck a nerve too because I got a lot of football fans basically telling me Hockey sucks lol… Go back to your other pages and troll. This is a Hockey pages for players and fans!
How many times have you heard Non Football fans say… “I am going to so and so Super Bowel Party…”  Then asked “do you like football” and they say “no i am just going to watch the commercials and halftime show”  I hear it all the time.   Yes the Hard core fan will watch the game.  This hockey meme was for the non fan.   So lighten up dudes!   Enjoy the day and please drink responsibly and don’t drive drunk!