Tape it up!

Ok last night I tried out the stick i got back from Reebok (bravo Reebok Hockey btw) on warranty.  This time I tried taping it up.  I put two extra pieces of tape on the bottom (more on this later) first then wrapped it in hopes it will help keep the stick from breaking so easy (also for wear factor)  The hockey tape helped a little but still not good enough for my standards.  I heard there are a few more tricks to do to pro-long your stick for outdoor rink hockey.  I keep ya’ll posted

Blue skies and Hockey Pucks heading Upper Corner!

Well I was just shuttling through some video footage and just happened to stop on this frame.  The clouds looked so nice and sky was blue so I figured I would export it seeing the puck just happened to make it way to the “Upper Corner”   Stick I was using was the Sher-wood T30.  It is heading back to the Warranty office for replacement so I am probably going to have to use the Newly replaced Reebok 4k Sickick.    Hopefully this blade will hold up and if it doesn’t I am turning it into a two-piece hockey stick =)