Is your Ice Rink a Home away from Home?

When you walk into your local ice rink… do you all of a sudden feel like your home?  Is it your home away from home?  Lots of young hockey players spend so much time training and playing on the ice.. that it should feel like a home away from home…  Does your rink have a lounge, game room, snack bar, etc…   Join the discussion at The Hockey Network click here —>

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Ryan Pizzo and Brent Dolan Ice Hockey Highlight video with Fast Hands Hockey

Check out the newest video. It features Fast Hands Hockey Training Device  along with Ryan Pizzo and myself Brent Dolan   Now that most of everyone’s winter season is over.  You want to keep in shape for next winter.  So make sure you keep up on your hockey training.  Good way to keep up your stick handling is with the Fast Hands Hockey Training Device.  <— click for more info  It is one of those training aids that you will be emailing me and thanking me in a month or so of using it.   It will also last you a lifetime.  It is build so solid!  Check it out today and keep on training!   Watch full video below…

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Easton Mako Hockey Skates in action

Easton Mako Hockey Skates are arguably the hottest Ice Hockey skates on the market today! With a price tag of 799.00 they are also the most expensive. But Ryan Pizzo from @ DMC Rehab and Fitness located in Aspen Ice, Randolph, New Jersey. Said “these skates are worth every penny”.  With all that said about the price.  Do these skates perform?  Well one thing they do well is form to your feet.  Ryan has told me “they feel like a part of my feet and I can’t wait to get on the ice to give them a go”    Tomorrow we will both hit the ice and it will be the official break in for these Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates. A review and more on this skates soon…  Follow the discussion on The Hockey network here

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