Pucks with wings?

I guess it all depends on who’s shooting them but Pucks with wing?  That is just plain silly =)

I snapped this photo as I was walking by before my Ice Time Friday mornings at Aspen Ice Randolph.  Nothing better than fresh ice in the morning to start your day.  Beats coffee every day of the week!

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My Journey continues…

Well another big step to get back into Ice hockey happened this past Friday 3/8/13.  I played my first open Ice Hockey in over 18 years.  It felt great.  I was actually very surprised how the ice felt under my feet.  I have been on a few frozen ponds this past winter but nothing is like being in the arena with boards, glass, goalies and some 5 on 5 Ice hockey.  Well with all that being said the body held up pretty good minus a sort left wrist but more on that later.  Feels good to be almost back but the main factor is I am enjoying the ride! (or skate that is)

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