Ice patch hockey snipes video bardown

“play it where it lies” and old golfing term…   People find it except able to go to a driving range… batting cages… etc… so why not a hockey snipe range?   Well I found this little patch of ice early in the winter season and took full advantage of it…   the ice was a bit chunky and not very smooth but beggars can’t be choosers!    Use what ya go and get out and Hockey Snipe!  #hockeysnipe #uppercorner #hockey

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150,000 loops on vine video hockey snipe bar down

I’m just blown away on how many loops this vine video has gotten…  check out the hash tag #uppercornerhockey for a full community of Upper Corner Hockey snipes!  

Have just a blast playing and building this Hockey Snipes community!  please join us for a few hockey snipes!
Upper corner hockey

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That feeling you get right before ya step out onto the ice…

We all know that feeling… First you smell the fresh sheet of ice… then it gets ya so anxious to be that first one on… as you and your team mates are hanging one foot over the boards really to pounce on that ice…   no better feeling as a hockey player… remember be the first one on and last one off (hell have them kick you off the ice)  enjoy hockey!

upper corner hockey

I love Hockey!

Another great day of hockey…  My buddy David Robertson showed up unannounced and that was very cool…   Lots of fun playing with my friend Dave before he deploys…    I had 4 goals and 1 assist… Thanks to Dave he helped me get that assist by putting in an impossible angle shot…     I had one “pop-n water bottle” slap shot short side over the goalies glove…   It was that “oh damn” moment on the ice…    Two other where slap shots for goals and 1 a wrist shot… Tons of fun today and a lot of new faces too..    Great times…..

Took some video afterwards and was just having fun with it… some Rapid shots slap shots