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Practicing with the new Hockey Wrap Around @ Hockey Wrap Around and Voll hockey Pucks @ —- Brent — with Hockey Wrap Around.   I been really enjoying the summer and the warm but cool morning hockey training sessions!  Great stuff and hope you all are out there training hard as well… Enjoy hockey!    In the photo I am using the new Hockey Wrap Around on my Bauer APX2 with 87 flex and Ovechkin p08 curve…    Also in the photo is the new Voll hockey puck… Reviews on all these coming soon!
Upper Corner hockey
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Morning Hockey snipes with the Extreme passing Kit or EPK

Woke up at 5am today before work… Rolled up my  Extreme Passing Kit and put it in the family truck-ster!  It was abnormally cold but quite refreshing with temps in the high 50’s.   I set up my EPK in three simple steps and started sniping… I got a bunch of video but here is a quick instagram clip of some of the first shots… look below…

It is really hard to practice one timers with out someone feeding you the puck… but with the EPK.  It gives you the ability to pass it into the rebounder and fire the puck back at ya as fast as you fire it into it!   So be ready and catch that one time quick wrist shot or get that stick back fast for a one timer slap shot… it is a great work out and I highly recommend it… For more info and where to buy click here

Or Visit the Review link above and read my full review on the EPK or Extreme passing Kit by Hockey shot



Bauer APX2 87 flex and P09 Curve Click here for more info

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Half Court slap shot with Voll Hockey Pucks

Half Hockey rink slap shot over an iphone5s at 80mph plus with APX2 Voll hockey-pucks

A half rink slap shot is about as useful as tits on a bull…  I don’t even recommend practicing it…  it is really completely useless… or is it?

Being able to keep a puck in the air across half the length of the rink means you are driving the puck other than just slapping at it…    So practice driving that puck instead of just slapping at it…  so go out and give it a try on ice, roller, inline or dry land!

Upper Corner Hockey

Voll Hockey Pucks used in this video Click here for more details

Junior Shooting pad used  Click here for more info

Bauer APX2 87 flex and P09 Curve  Click here for more info

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Beer League Hat Trick

I know what you are all thinking… “What the Hell?”  but hear me out… Ever heard of the Gordie Howe Hat trick?  A Goal, Assist and a Fight!   Well in the beer league us old guys play… the league really doesn’t except fighting… I mean hell we aren’t even allowed to check… I came up with a new “Beer League” hat trick… Score a goal… add an assist… and draw a penalty… I am still on the fence if taking a penalty counts but hell why not… these aren’t “set in stone” rules here…

Why do I bring this up?  Well I got a call around 7:30 last night from my Good friend Dave… Yes, the Dave that coined the phrase “Hockey is Hockey” Dave…  He asked me to come play ice hockey last night as a sub… He was subbing in as a goalie and said they only had 5 players playing and needed help…  I decided to go… the game started a 10:30pm and still needed to put my little ones to bed…   With all that said… I got to the game and we had a total of 7 guys… so that only left us with two guys on the bench.  Dave was awesome in goal for the first two periods… I don’t know what the shot totals where but he made some amazing saves… we led the game 4-1 after the 2nd…   In the 1st I recorded my first in game Saucer pass with the Bauer APX2  over a defenders stick to an open man…  He passed it to another guy that put it in the net…  We led 2-0 at that point… Another goal when in for us to make it 3-0 and late in the 2nd period I picked the defense mans pocket and got a break away and pop the puck Upper Corner past the goalie to make it 4-0… we where rolling but fatigue was starting to set in…

Remember we only had 2 guys on the bench and they had a full line change on their bench…  their guys seemed a lot younger too but everyone looks younger to me lol…   by the 3rd period the wheels fell off and we lost the game 4-6 (their last goal was an empty netter)   None of these guys play along side each other before seeing it was the first night… so all and all we did pretty well together as a team…  They already asked me back to be a sub or to play full time… that is still to be determined…

It was also the first time I was using my Bauer APX2 87 flex with Ovechkin P08 Curve … The stick did really well… it felt like a feather in my hand… I also noticed I can really snap off a hard shot really much quicker than my Bauer Total One…  probably due to the fact that the APX2 is a really low kick point and gives you a lot more response then the Mid Flex of the total one!  A full review on this stick soon…  but right now I am really enjoying this stick and really makes a big difference…

Another thing I tried out new last night… Yeah it wasn’t just a game last nite… it seem like a testing ground…  Was the new ProFormance Wax system for your hockey blade…   I didn’t read the directions (seriously ain’t no body got time for that) but it seems to me that you add the “Base” wax first …. which goes on easy and thin..  Thin is key right here… but I’ll get more to that  in a bit…
then add the “Grip” to your liking…  which goes on thin as well… it also smells amazing! 

Well now it is to the “Thin” part… I’ve used hockey waxes before and it feels a lot more like Surfing Wax then hockey blade wax… This stuff goes on very thin… and when I mean thin.. it doesn’t add any weight (or at least it doesn’t feel like it does) to your already high performance hockey stick…  but it lasts for a full game… Hell it still lasts well after a full game… it works really well and really stoked to have found a product like this… for more info and where to buy Click here

So WOW I really didn’t know where this blog post was going but damn… I might have to separate some of this stuff because it went from hockey recap to a hockey stick review to a blade wax review lol…  well i hope it kept your attention and thanks everyone for the support!

Upper Corner Hockey

game of thrones? How about Game of Posts!

I had a lot of people asking me…. so I figured I’d do a little “how to” play the game of posts our way…    Read the full article here or just click at the links above and follow the drop down menu to “how to play posts”

Here is a hard bar down that finishes the game…but you can see more of it action in the article…

Thanks everyone for the support
upper corner hockey

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