He Knew he f-ed up saucer pass gone wrong trick shot video


Not proud of this one… or am I?   I did hit the camera on my first try… to bad I was aiming for the Hockey Sauce Kit net! lol… Hey not all trick shots or saucer passes go as planned!  It’s all good… it makes for a funny hockey fail video!    Watch the video below

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First Time back on the Ice after Knee Surgery


Well tonight marks the 29th day from my surgery… 4 weeks I was off the ice due to Knee Surgery!  I went back on the ice for the first time since.  I am not going to lie to ya… I was a bit nervous.  I had a lot of people tell me… “You need more time.”  “Don’t rush back”  “Be-careful”  “you’re going to hurt yourself again”…. Well with all that in the back of my mind.. It made me almost not go.   But Then I thumbed through some of my own Hockey Memes that I’ve posted to motivate others… I saw this one.

“Fear is only temporary… Regret lasts forever!  

I just couldn’t go another week with out being on the ice… At least Sunday night which is my favorite skate ever.   Great group and great time slot too!    Also to get to play Rink 1 at Mennen is a treat for me… I never take one second on that ice for granted.   Some of the best ice around.

So with that mind set I ventured out to the rink… It was a snowy icy mix out but nothing major.  I got to the rink early!  As all players/friends piled into the locker room… they all asked where I’ve been… some knew… most didn’t.  I explained to them and they even all said “dude you sure?  it seem too early”

Now it really started to sink in… Was I doing the wrong thing?  Well my Doctor… Dr. Glen Bradish told me…  “if you feel good.. then get back on the ice”  He’s is Hockey Goalie and the Doc that did the surgery on my knee.   Well I am glad I listened to him.  I felt I was ready and believe in myself I was ready.  It also might of been a mix of… I can’t be off this ice any more because it was driving me mad.  lol..

All went well and No pain at all!  So happy with the results.  I might still take a break from skating twice a week for one more week.  But I should be in full swing soon!  Thanks Dr. Glen Bradish for everything!  You the man!



Hockey Snipes and other random stuff video

I have some other videos in the work… but really felt like going back to what I enjoy the most… just taking some hockey snipes and some much needed off ice training and practice… It feels good to just relax and shoot and enjoy myself…   Great times and fall is upon us… it feels great and the cool air is welcomed!   hope you all enjoy this season


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Saucer king! Sauce like a pro!

A lost art form….  The perfect Saucer pass!  I been playing with a bunch of great guys for over a year now but I do notice that the saucer pass or aka sauce pass is a lost art form… I have always practiced it back in the say and found that a good pass to my team mate was just as rewarding as a upper corner goal!  I get some flippy floppy passes, wobble air biscuits and knuckle pucks from some team mates…   then when the puck flips up and over my blade they get made… ( you mad bro? )  While there isn’t a week that goes by I don’t huck some sauce down my basement shooting area, or sauce some biscuits at the ice rink before and after the game… Practice isn’t always about sniping that bar down, slap shots from the blue line and dangling through a row of pucks…    You should make friends and sauce across the ice… if you are having trouble then check out this tutorial Read More…..

Upper Corner Hockey

The Cure for Hockey Fever!

Well tomorrow I get to play my once a week on ice…  Due to the rain we have had all summer long… I’ve basically abandoned roller hockey…  Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy roller hockey but it doesn’t hold a candle to playing on the purest way of hockey possible… which is “on ice” …

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Bauer Nexus 600 P14 87 flex hockey stick review!

I just posted a great review on my Bauer Nexus 600 hockey stick.  check it out at  http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/equipment-reviews/player-equipment/sticks/35262-bauer-nexus-600-p14-toews-curve-87-flex-hockey-stick-review.php#35262

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My Favorite thing about Hockey is… Everything…. Hockey meme

Made this meme for my fans/likes on my facebook page…. I posted the question “My Favorite thing about Hockey is…” and most everyone posted “Everything”   So as an appreciation to all my fans/likes i dedicated this one to them…    A great team effort everyone!  Thanks..  Join the fun and like us on facebook.com/uppercornerhockey 


Do you live the lifestyle?

Do you live the life style?  I am probably to old to actually live the lifestyle but we all have a little hockey swagger to our step when we play the game.  #hockey #livethedream

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Ryan Pizzo and Brent Dolan Ice Hockey Highlight video with Fast Hands Hockey

Check out the newest video. It features Fast Hands Hockey Training Device  along with Ryan Pizzo and myself Brent Dolan   Now that most of everyone’s winter season is over.  You want to keep in shape for next winter.  So make sure you keep up on your hockey training.  Good way to keep up your stick handling is with the Fast Hands Hockey Training Device.  <— click for more info  It is one of those training aids that you will be emailing me and thanking me in a month or so of using it.   It will also last you a lifetime.  It is build so solid!  Check it out today and keep on training!   Watch full video below…

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Want to play a game?

Well with a lot of spring ice hockey seasons starting last week and people taking to the streets seeing the snow is melting in most states.  Will you be taking the summer off or playing all year around?  I wanted to play ice but finances are keeping me from that. But they do have a Summer league in like 14 or so weeks.  I am going to see what I can do.  I am enjoying Ice Hockey so much better these days.  Been joining my friends Ryan Pizzo and Ben on Friday mornings.  It feels so good to be back on the ice.    I am also looking for the right fit for me.  Do I play the over 35 league?  or do I play with all the younger guys?  I been trying both with the open hockey and just can’t make up my mind.  Hopefully time will help with that decision.  I took this photo a week ago on a nice warm afternoon.  In the photo is my Easton Stealth 55s Cammeralli curve 85 flex hockey stick.   I taped it up extra so the blade wasn’t exposed.  It worked well but again I want to keep this one for ice only.

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