Swedish Wooden Stick Handling ball Vs Golf Ball

I’ve seen many people practice stick handling with a golf ball… well a golf ball wasn’t made for stick handling… it was made to be compressed and sent into the air and then putt into a hole for a game called “golf”… Golf is a great game don’t get me wrong… I use to play it often… but it can also help you develop soft hands and bad habits… it is why I recommend  the swedish wooden stick handling ball … The Wooden ball only weighs 2oz but will help you develop those soft hands needed when stick handling… it is also larger than a golf ball and properly sized so when you transfer to a puck on ice it won’t make it difficult.   Read more on this here or click on shop and click on Swedish Wooden Stick Handling ball

The best part is… it only cost $3.50 which makes it one of the cheapest off ice home training devices… you can use it on the carpet, hard wood floor, tile, smooth garage floor, etc…  This training wooden ball also comes free with a bunch of items from Hockey Shot so Please click here and help support this page

Brent Dolan
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Green Biscuit Blush! #greenbiscuitwednesday

Green Biscuit Blush being featured today for Green Biscuit Wednesday… again this is not a paid advertisement… I am running this campaign to get you all off the couch and out into your driveway… go stick handle… pass.. practice!  It makes you feel good about yourself and it is fun!    I can’t wait to go home and stick handle my green biscuit tonight…   love this thing!    more info and where to buy Click here or visit this url http://uppercornerhockey.com/reviews/pink-green-biscuit/

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