Hockey Shot’s shooting Tarp ‘sniper’s edge’

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Well the first rude and crude look of my basement hockey training center (can i call it center yet?  or should I just go with area?)   When the money starts rolling in… I’ll be able to slowly but surely (don’t call me Shirley) set up the area the way I want it.  But for now it is what it is.  Yes in the video that is a huge pool table on the right.  Right now it rolled out of the way and acting like a really really big expensive defensemen.  Well anyways enjoy the video and more to come…

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David Robertson Goalie highlight video

David Robertson Goalie highlight video! Must see glove save first clip of the video 4 seconds in. It is off my 78mph slap shot.  The shot was heading upper corner but I got robbed…

I shot the video this past Sunday and did the edits last night…    Follow the forum Click here 

More video coming soon…
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First Hockey Snipes after Hurricane Sandy

I uploaded this Nov 6th to my youtube channel.

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First Hockey Snipes after Hurricane Sandy Nov 6th 2012 hit New Jersey.
I shot this video this morning on Nov 6 2012 Election Day and got it up and edited in time all in one day. I think it came out, OK. I am kind of tired seeing I usually don’t wake up at 5:35 am to go play hockey. Seeing I lost daylight savings. My only hope to play and practice is at the crack of dawn. Good thing is. I get the whole rink to myself.

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Upper Corner Hockey 

Going Upper Corner in EA Sports NHL 13

Highlight goal from last night. Serious upper corner action on this one! =)
Been loving this game. I know I ragged on the demo for it’s passing but the passing a whole lot different than nhl 12 but if it seems more of a Dangle, Snipe and Celly game =) well this year it is!

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Thanks for your support and hopefully this damn NHL lock out will end soon
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Day 2 with Sher-wood T30 video for The Hockey Network Just some Random Hockey Slaps and Shots

Posted a new video on my youtube channel.   It was a video I threw together because of a forum post over at the hockey network.  Anyways figured I would post it here.  Only 7 more likes on this page and I gets me some facebook stats =)  Please like

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Welcome to Upper Corner Hockey!

The web site dedicated to the purest shot in hockey!  The upper corner!  This site will compliment other’s photos and videos from the web along with our own “Original” Content. So I hope you all enjoy.
I had this idea the other night and figured I would make a little logo / bookend for my inline hockey videos.  I am just getting back into hockey after close to a 15 year hiatus.  I just picked up a new Reebok 4k P. Datsyuk p38 40kp with 85 flex Hockey Stick.  I am no pro by any means.  Just getting out and enjoying myself while shooting.  I needed some exercise and this beats any other alternatives for now.  =)

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