Go Pro with green biscuit pro #greenbiscuitwednesday

Green Biscuit Wednesday!   add your photos and hash tags like this #greenbiscuitwednesday and join the fun in this campaign!   This photo I took at the out door rink i usually play at… it was just after it rained so no one was there.  I know a lot of you been asking “Who takes these amazing photos?” well that person would be me… I am a professional photographer that specializes in product shots and natural lighting.   I also work in marketing as well as do professional video as well… so it all goes hand and hand… I love doing stuff like this and is just as much as a passion to me as hockey is… So check out more info on the Green Biscuit Pro Click here

Thanks everyone for the support!
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how to fake toe drag to top shelf in hockey and other easy breakaway moves

Pavel Barber’s full video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drgvC4ccvCE

Hey hockey players… just giving you some real easy break away moves… all pretty standard and nothing fancy what so ever… the fake toe drag to top shelf or upper corner is super easy and really effective… so try it out the next time you get a breakaway.

upper corner hockey


$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

Fast Hands Hockey Hands on review


Looking to get some faster hands? Want to stick handle around that D easier? Find your inner dangle… Check out my review on the Fast Hands Hockey in the Review section or click here http://uppercornerhockey.com/reviews/fast-hands-training-device-review/


Upper Corner Hockey

Snipes on ice!

Ok all!  There is a whole underground movement of videos of Hockey Snipes on youtube.com  Well I would like to help promote these players and post their videos.   I understand people don’t go to websites anymore or even search on google or other search engines but I am going to start a movement right here right now!  Here is my first.  Check out this sick snipe right off the bat!  Sub to his page @ http://www.youtube.com/user/88cokezero?feature=watch


Hockey Ball Juggling to goal!

I just went out this past Labor Day weekend to mess around.  Found a hockey ball at the rink and decided to give it a whirl.  It was about 92 degrees out and hot out on the rink so the ball was like mush.  It was one of those water filled balls too.  Extra mushy.  Still something different but nothing giving anyone the “Wow” factor.


Slap Shot with Sher-wood T30 Hockey Stick

Screen shot of a slapshot I took with the Sher-Wood Hockey T30 Stick with a real hockey puck. I only take wrist shots or slaps with the real hockey puck seeing it doesn’t slide very well on the outdoor rink surface I practice on so it makes it difficult to stick handle. The T30 Hockey stick keeps the puck low which is great for those point shots that want to be deflected. I also find that it takes a lot less effort to get some decent power behind the shot when you get that stick flexed. more on this soon….

Brent Dolan