NHL 16 kind of the same as last year but more features…


Well seeing NHL 15 was such a disappointment (to most) they seemed to just throw out a BIG update which includes all the features that where missing in NHL 15 and call it NHL 16...  Feeling totally ripped off paying 64 dollars total (including tax) at my local Game Stop…  I still had to have this game… Was it because it is so awesome?  No!   Was it all the graphics… NO! (again same game play same as last year)  Was it all the new cool dangles you can do (no not one new dangle or move btw)…….. it was the damn Demo that sold me on this game…    Which leads me to believe and I quote!  “DEMOS SELL GAMES!”    I don’t mean just any demo… Time limited demos… where you are literally in the middle of a game (you are actually winning for once) and they shut the damn service down on ya… as pissed as I was… still made me go out and buy the game… I really didn’t think I was going to buy it…. BUT… there is a hurricane coming and to not have any sort of hockey in my life might be more devastating than any hurricane could possible bring  =)

Upper Corner Hockey

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