Easton Mako Hockey Skates… sort of hands on

Easton Mako Skates coming out 3.15.13 but a friend of mine got a trial pair. He told me this “Wow! Anyone who demands a lot from their skates, Easton made an awesome skate. Omg these skates sell themselves damn I’m in love call up the preacher and schedule the church I’m getting married to these” ┬áDirect quote so I guess they are pretty damn good.

Anyone getting them? He also told me there was zero break in time for these Mako Skates. They they are so comfortable and also put a spring in his skating. I don’t know the costing of these skates (my guess is 499.99) but I am sure they won’t be cheap. Let me know your thoughts on www.facebook.com/uppercornerhockey and Visit.www.easton.com/hockey┬áthe official site of the new Easton Mako Skates…

Brent @ facebook.com/uppercornerhockey