Easton Mako Hockey Skates in action

Easton Mako Hockey Skates are arguably the hottest Ice Hockey skates on the market today! With a price tag of 799.00 they are also the most expensive. But Ryan Pizzo from @ DMC Rehab and Fitness located in Aspen Ice, Randolph, New Jersey. Said “these skates are worth every penny”.  With all that said about the price.  Do these skates perform?  Well one thing they do well is form to your feet.  Ryan has told me “they feel like a part of my feet and I can’t wait to get on the ice to give them a go”    Tomorrow we will both hit the ice and it will be the official break in for these Easton Mako Ice Hockey Skates. A review and more on this skates soon…  Follow the discussion on The Hockey network here http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/equipment-reviews/player-equipment/skates/34273-easton-mako-ice-hockey-skates.php#34273

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Easton 55s Hockey stick far from a beginner’s stick…

I picked this stick up a couple weeks ago.  It was on sale because there is a new model that came out.  So you can probably find this hidden gem in the sale rack.   Even if it isn’t on sale you can usually find it for 59 bucks or lower.  It is a great stick. The one I have is a 85 flex with a Cammalleri curve P4.  The stick has a little bit more weight to it than the more expensive sticks but I like that.   I have played three times now with this stick.  The curve and flex is great for excepting passes, passing, saucer passes and slap shots.   Because of the low kick point it keeps all your shots low so if you like to roof the puck you might want to get a more of a curve like the Hall Curve.   All and all it is a great all around stick and a great stick for the price…    Follow the discussion here —> http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/equipment-reviews/player-equipment/sticks/34222-easton-55s-85-flex-cammalleri-curve.php#34222

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Easton Mako Hockey Skates… sort of hands on

Easton Mako Skates coming out 3.15.13 but a friend of mine got a trial pair. He told me this “Wow! Anyone who demands a lot from their skates, Easton made an awesome skate. Omg these skates sell themselves damn I’m in love call up the preacher and schedule the church I’m getting married to these”  Direct quote so I guess they are pretty damn good.

Anyone getting them? He also told me there was zero break in time for these Mako Skates. They they are so comfortable and also put a spring in his skating. I don’t know the costing of these skates (my guess is 499.99) but I am sure they won’t be cheap. Let me know your thoughts on www.facebook.com/uppercornerhockey and Visit.www.easton.com/hockey the official site of the new Easton Mako Skates…

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A New “Frontier” in Hockey! A Hidden gem?

Well headed over to a new local shop yesterday. I always try to spread my money around and also try to support local businesses. I picked up a brand I have never seen before on recomendation. It is a company called Frontier.  It is an ABS blade build more for outdoor street and outdoor rink hockey.   I hope this blade holds up seeing the Easton Synergy blades are hit or miss.  I had one Easton Blade last 12 times and another last once.  At 20 bucks a pop (or more) it gets expensive fast….

I’ll keep ya posted

Taylor Hall “Sticks Of Dreams” Video Short by Easton Hockey

It is always nice to come across a video like this from Easton Hockey and Staring Taylor Hall.  It looks like this was produced a few Christmas’s ago (and produced very well if i may add that little note).  Just imagine opening your door and having Mr. Hall hand you a brand new autographed Easton Hockey Stick.  Great stuff. If I find anymore i’ll make sure I post.

Also check out http://www.youtube.com/user/sensboy1 channel and sub

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