The New Hockey Shot Goals stronger and built to last


The Key here is… “Solid construction due to 2-3/4″ pipe connections (pipe inside the pipe).”

This photo above is the complete package for $259.00 comes with everything shown in this photo…   This past Spring I bought an Ez Goal from Hockey shot…  I knew this goal was coming out yet couldn’t wait.   The EZ goal only is 2″ pipe and it dents when you have a shot over 60mph or more.   I have yet to test this net but know how it is constructed this net is built a whole lot better than an EZ goal.   Don’t get me wrong.. I don’t have any buyer regret with the EZ Goal… I enjoy that thing very much.  It is very light weight and worth every penny I spent.   But if you are looking for something that will last you a long long time… spend the extra money.   for more info Click Here 

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Upper Corner Hockey

Sundays are for Hockey!


Sunday’s for hockey… and every other day ending in “Y”  😉

I posted this hockey meme a couple years ago…  I saw it and figured why not post it again…  It is to inspire people to get off the couch and play something we all love… The Sport of Hockey…  I know Football has taken over Sundays but I want to take it back… no need to sit in front of the TV all day watching your fantasy sports pics… get out.. grab some friends and play some street hockey, ice hockey, knee hockey!  Whatever it takes… you feel great and enjoy every minute!    Grab your EZ Goal and get to the driveway!

Upper Corner Hockey

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Save up to buy an EZ Goal and I break both my hockey sticks

Oh the irony… or just plain bad luck…  or blessing in disguise. You decide!  I’ve been putting off getting an EZ Goal for a few years now…   I have the Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp and used the snot out of it… I also have access to a great outdoor rink facility…

But I’ve noticed since I moved the tarp into the garage and this winter we’ve been hammered with snow (not as bad as Boston… I don’t know how ya all did it God bless ya) I’ve been doing less and less off-ice training…

I know I know… practice what you preach… so I did just that… I saved my bucks from some of my online affiliate sales (yes please click my links and buy I get a small commission thanks in advance for the support) and bought myself an Ez Goal with back stop!    I will do a full review soon…

So with all that said… I now have a chance to hockey snipe at home in the driveway and as I am shooting my first few snipes… I noticed a crack in my apx2… I must of broke it last week on a one timer!  It broke my heart… loved that stick… but no problem… I have a back up… My total one… and on my first shift going into the boards the other play puts his skate right through the blade of my stick… so now I’m stuck using my cracked apx2… it held up but everyone was yelling at me to take a clapper and I just couldn’t… it knew the blade wouldn’t handle it…  I had to explain to each guy on our team what happened… they really didn’t care they said “just take the slap shot anyways”….  I took one and it went way off to the right…

Well anyways the moral of the story is… well there really isn’t one…. I am still stoked to make the decision to get the EZ goal with back stop… I even took a few snipes with the broken apx2 shown in this vine video below:

If you are looking to buy any off-ice hockey training equipment please click the link below!  Every little bit helps!  and Thanks for the support!


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Summer time is for hockey! the EZ goal way

Well I put my money where my mouth is…  and bought an EZ Goal with backstop! I’ve been so busy (and that is no excuse) to get to the outdoor local rink lately…  It is also still covered with snow and slush (again still no excuse) ok these are all bad excuses I must say… So I finally ordered an EZ Goal…  with the added backstop so I don’t have to be chasing pucks when I am trying to go Upper Corner all the time…   I know I know what you are thinking… “Brent, what happened to your shooting tarp?”  I still have it… but I miss the sound of ringing that pipe!  Also hard to use (absolutely impossible actually) to use my radar gun with the hockey Shooting Tarp.  So my “Goal” (pun intended) is to set up this goal and shoot a lot more… Now that I’ll have access at my house to shoot there will be no excuse… Lets just hope the neighbors don’t mine me hockey sniping right before the sun goes down!

I”ll keep ya posted and click the link before if you are looking for an EZ Goal
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Best Price on an Ez goal and includes a backstop for $134.95

Sick of chasing pucks?  Or even worst yet… sick of loosing pucks?   Who isn’t… Well loose a lot less pucks when sniping those corners…   Also light weight enough to carry down the street to a friends house…  it also folds up flat for EZ (easy) storage…   This will dent with shots over 85mph at close range if you hit the post just right but I’ve tested them and believe you me… they are a lot stronger than you think!     They also work great for the pond!   I sure hate chasing pucks in the woods!   This will save you time and money!  with my coupon I got ya!  Get this for $134.95  Cheapest price on the net!  Also take 10% off your entire order as well..  use CODE: BDOLAN10  save 10% off your entire order!  and get the best price on the net (pun intended)


watch the EZ goal in action from one of our best youtube hockey snipers

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Imagination is all you need… in hockey

My daughters taught me a valuable lesson today… you sometimes need a little imagination when it comes to hockey… what does that mean?  well if you do what everyone else is doing?  You’ll get the same results everyone else is getting….    still doesn’t make sense?  Stand out and be original… or well try something different break away from the trends and make you’ll see that puck in the back of the net more and more…   Enjoy Hockey
upper corner hockey

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The Lone Hockey Sniper 2 by I am Wounded Duck!

The Lone Hockey Sniper 2 by I am Wounded Duck.  A Lone man’s journey to Hockey Snipe down his almost destroyed EZ Hockey Goal.   This might be the final stand…..   Or is it?

Visit “I am Wounded Duck’s” youtube channel at

Brent Dolan
Upper Corner Hockey