Ryan Pizzo and Brent Dolan Ice Hockey Highlight video with Fast Hands Hockey

Check out the newest video. It features Fast Hands Hockey Training Device  along with Ryan Pizzo and myself Brent Dolan   Now that most of everyone’s winter season is over.  You want to keep in shape for next winter.  So make sure you keep up on your hockey training.  Good way to keep up your stick handling is with the Fast Hands Hockey Training Device.  <— click for more info  It is one of those training aids that you will be emailing me and thanking me in a month or so of using it.   It will also last you a lifetime.  It is build so solid!  Check it out today and keep on training!   Watch full video below…

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More on Fast Hands Hockey training device

What makes hockey training so much fun?  Well first off it is hockey.  Second, the more you train the more confident you’ll feel.  That confidence will translate to your on ice game. Third, the are so many cool training devices out there for hockey. Including this one in the photo above.  Called Fast Hands Hockey.  This device is made to help you with your stick handling with the puck.   The Fast Hands device simulates a defender.  You can use it how ever you feel fit or follow the instructions posted here below.

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Brent Dolan
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Fast Hands Hockey Training device

Fast Hands Hockey LLC is a great training device. First off this thing is built like a tank. This device is nothing like those other plastic off ice training devices. This thing is built to last. I will go into detail more about this but if you are looking into some off ice (or on ice) training equipment definitely check them out. http://www.fasthandshockey.com/   It is also a great work out as well.  I been testing it out down the basement with some toe drags to some quick wrist shots.  I hope to have some video soon but I want to get a little better at mastering this thing first so I don’t look like a complete fool on video =)

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