any hockey is good hockey!

Well now that I am free lancing… Working from home half the day has it’s perks!    While some files where uploading… I grabbed my old street hockey stick!  Which consists of an old Sherwood composite stick that broke and a Frontier Hockey ABS replacement blade.    It works great for messing around in the driveway saucing a few so you don’t ruin you ice hockey stick!   In this video I’m using the Extreme Passer Pro from Hockey shot, Green biscuit pro and The Original Hockey Sauce kit goal!   Lots of fun if you don’t have a lot of time but need something hockey!   It really can help anyone through the day… Even on your lunch hour at work.   #staysaucy  Code: UPPER10OFF for 10 bucks off 100 at hockey shot!  never forget that and thanks everyone for your support!

Upper Corner Hockey

$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

A New “Frontier” in Hockey! A Hidden gem?

Well headed over to a new local shop yesterday. I always try to spread my money around and also try to support local businesses. I picked up a brand I have never seen before on recomendation. It is a company called Frontier.  It is an ABS blade build more for outdoor street and outdoor rink hockey.   I hope this blade holds up seeing the Easton Synergy blades are hit or miss.  I had one Easton Blade last 12 times and another last once.  At 20 bucks a pop (or more) it gets expensive fast….

I’ll keep ya posted