Nothing better than morning ice hockey!

Well back from another morning of ice hockey… I had 2 goals and 1 assist… Good thing I practiced that back hand this week… Because it came in handy with both of my goals… One back hand five hole and another back hand glove side right upper corner… The only downside was I took slap shot from point blank range to my ribs… right below the padding… So nothing stop the puck from hitting them… I went down for about 5 or so seconds and then skated tot he bench to check to see if i was ok… The pain is there but i am sure i’ll be fine.. i think it was only like a 70mph shot so i don’t think anything is cracked… I’ll keep ya posted and thanks to Jeremy at @ How To Hockey  or at for the back hand drills… My confidence was higher this morning shooting on my backhand so I tested it out and it worked well..   Check out the video of the 100 of 1000 pucks shooting backhand.

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Ryan Pizzo’s Game Highlight reel 8-20-13 with New Easton V9e

Ryan Pizzo’s highlight reel from last nights game 8-20-13…  Playing for the NJ Scouts… The game ended 11-3 with Ryan picking up 3 goals and 4 assists…   It was fun for me to watch and film…  Ryan is using his new Easton V9e hockey stick…   more info on that stick click here

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Hossa NHL Leading Goal scorer with 5 see video!

Marian Hossa OT goal!  The feel good story of the season so far!  What a great come back for Hossa.  After getting hit from behind on April 17th 2012 by Raffi Torres.  (see article and video here) Marian Hossa has made it his “Goal” to come back this season and start strong.  And Strong he has (as master Yoda would say)…  NHL League leading 5 goals this season!  Check out the video below and the Sweet pass from Patrick Kane

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Happy Friday the 13th! Why not a little Pavel Datsyuk? Mr 13 himself!

highlight video thenasher61 from made showcasing some of Pavel Datsyuk’s greatest goals. Mr 13 himself. There is no luck involved with his skills only bad luck for opposing goalies (yeah I know that was lame it was the best i could come up with =) )

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