Don’t shoot your original Green biscuit!

A word to the wise… Don’t shoot your original green biscuit it is not made for shooting.. unless you have a cool tarp like I do (see more on hockey tarps here )  You will crack it…

I cracked this off the post the first day I got it. A 55 mph wrist shot off the post. Still works great after a year with this crack in it. Works awesome for stick handling and passing. Just if u choose to shoot. Shoot it into a tarp — or buy the Green Biscuit Snipe version . #greenbiscuitwednesday

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Green Biscuit Wednesday! #humpday

Yes I am starting the revolution for you all to get better in the off season.. (well some of you don’t have an off season but you all need to work on your stick handling)   So I declare that every Wednesday is Green Biscuit Wednesday (visit their website )!

If you have a green biscuit… take a photo of it and #greenbiscuitswednesday to it…  Or even send the photo to me on   I love this line up of off-ice practice pucks.     Today we are highlighting the Green Biscuit Snipe!   It is more for shooting then stick handing but works great when On a shooting pad or EPK.   It is a great compliment to your Original green biscuit puck.

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$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

Green Biscuit Giveaway!

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Why you ask… are we giving away a Green Biscuit?  Well I say.. why not!  I am a huge fan of all forms of the green biscuit.   Whether it is the Original Green biscuit, green biscuit snipe, blush or pink green biscuit for Breast Cancer awareness or the Limited Edition Green biscuit with your favorite countries logo on it!    This is hands down the easiest way work on your stick handling… all ya need is a hockey stick, pavement and an original green biscuit…

The Green Biscuit was founded by former NHL’er, Tom Pederson. Tom played 240 games in the NHL for the San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also played hockey at the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Green Biscuit was invented because Tom saw a need for an off-ice hockey puck that mimicked a puck on ice. Green Biscuit’s engineered design reduces friction and vibration while moving over surfaces like concrete or asphalt.  It is also available at

You can use this on a shooting pad, driveway, asphalt, etc.. this puck works on anything as you can see in the video below….  You can also get a green biscuit for free when you purchase an Extreme Passing Kit enter: UPPER10OFF during check out for 10 bucks off Click here for more details


Green Biscuit VS Green Biscuit

The title of this post sounds like the 1979 movie Kramer vs Kramer.  It does pit two of the same type of off ice training devices against each other.  Even though they look very similar they are worlds apart.   The Original Green Biscuit (photo right) is a stick handling device for off ice training.  You can pass it, Stick handle it but just don’t shoot with it (unless you have a sniper edge shooting tarp).  With the need for a Green Biscuit to shoot with.  The makers over at Green Biscuit Enterprise decided it was time to make one our of a different plastic.  A plastic that would hold up to the harsh conditions us hockey players put our training devices!  The answer is The Green Biscuit Snipe.  The plastic is a hybrid of plastics to make it more durable.  It seems a bit softer than the Original (the original green biscuit is a very hard plastic) which might give it the edge in durability.   I only got the chance to see the Green Biscuit Snipe in the store.  I stick handed a bit with it on the carpet and it slid pretty well.  The only complaint I am hearing is that it doesn’t glide as well as the Original Green Biscuit on rough surfaces.  The GB Snipe on Dry land Shooting tiles, smooth painted concrete, or poured concrete works great!  But on rougher surfaces like your driveway, street and pavement not as good as the Original GB.   I can go on and on but check out this great video by my buddy Jeremy Weiss follow him on facebook as well @

Well to wrap it up. I would suggest getting both.  They are both great off ice training devices.  They will both help with your stick handling but if you are looking just to buy one.  Find out what you will be using it more for?  Shooting or stick handling?  Is you are going to be shoot with it more.  Then get the Green Biscuit Snipe.  In my opinion the Original Green Biscuit is still better because you can get the most out of off ice training with that one.  You don’t need a goal. Shooting pad, tiles, etc.  Just a stick, driveway/pavement and a 12 dollar green biscuit.  Hours upon hours of training.  Hope this helps and go play some hockey!

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