Love this stuff! Works as advertised

Well day 2 with the H2o overdrive drink and let me tell you.  This stuff works great.  I used it the proper way today and drank this before I hit the ice.  We had 3 shifts today so it helped better getting a good breather because last week we only had two lines and we didn’t have time to think on the bench.  With all that said this stuff really works and gives me that extra boost I need to keep my legs moving and all that other hockey stuff…  Check out there site here

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H2o Overdrive Hydrate product tested…

The Staff here at Upper Corner Hockey got some product to test out. It is H2O Overdrive Hydrate drink.  This isn’t an ordinary sports drink.  It is a complete hydration system to help you perform at your best!  Visit for all the info…

I got to try the Grape flavor this morning before ice hockey.  It Tastes just like Jello when it isn’t turned to gelotin form (and seriously who doesn’t love Jello)  As a 38 year old Hockey player I need all the extra edge I can get.  It really helped my body recover a whole lot faster than just regular water. 

Ryan Pizzo says “Tangerine is awesome and this product TRULY helpedy stamina and energy this morning and that is NO LIE. And being a trainer I have used plenty of trash that is just hype.” 

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Hydrate your Hockey with… H20 Overdrive

Hydrate your Hockey!  Going to check out this product.  It is a product that is suppose to hydrate your body so it can perform at it’s peak.  There is a whole science behind it and I won’t claim to know what it is.  So visit their site at

In the mean time I am going to test out this product tomorrow with Ryan Pizzo at Ice Hockey tomorrow.  I’ll keep ya posted…

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