Love Hockey meme

Went to the local pond last night… yes the lights on, skates on!    The ice was a bit chunky but still hey free ice time!  Felt great to be out on the ice at around 9pm.  Just the sounds of your skates scraping the ice and the cars passing by…  No shooting just stick handling…   The puck was hardly visible.   It also forced you too keep your head up due to the fallen tree branches and cracks in the ice…  but hockey is hockey!    more on this soon…

Upper Corner Hockey

Mistakes are proof that you are trying hockey Motivation meme

The one thing about hockey… you’ll make mistakes… a lot of them… and I mean A LOT OF THEM!   Mistakes are proof that you are trying…     If you think you won’t make any mistakes your truly mistaken 😉

Enjoy hockey and don’t worry about and don’t worry about the mistakes.
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