Always find sometime for hockey! Everyday!


Find time today and everyday to play a little hockey!  Even if you can’t get to the rink… Just sauce some shots!   Or snipe some in the drive way!  Get better every day!   It doesn’t take much to get better each day!


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When all else fails play hockey….

all-else-fails-play-hockey-memeHaving a crappy day?  Don’t feel like anything is going right?   We’ve been all there… Hockey is a great outlet to take out many frustrations… you can slap 50 pucks!  or even check someone into the boards =)   either way Hockey fixes everything!   Even if you don’t want to lace them up… just turn it on TV and dream!

Upper Corner Hockey

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Mistakes are proof that you are trying hockey Motivation meme

The one thing about hockey… you’ll make mistakes… a lot of them… and I mean A LOT OF THEM!   Mistakes are proof that you are trying…     If you think you won’t make any mistakes your truly mistaken 😉

Enjoy hockey and don’t worry about and don’t worry about the mistakes.
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