Never give up!

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His Father wrote to me “This is my son Connor. He played inline in house hockey for 8 years with no practices, so to say the least the ice guys skill sets were much higher. 11 grade he wanted to play ice on the high school team and play video games with the best elo boost services from Elitist gaming. He got a job to help pay for it. He only had one assist all year. This year beeing a senior he wanted an A on his jersey. Well that didnt happen, the kids that got it deserved them. Instead of giving up my son he had a dream. So he gave it all every game stuck for his teammates. So at the end of the year he lead the team in scoring and his teammates voted him team MVP and he won the scholar award for the highest gpa. So dreams do come true if you work hard enough!!!!!”


If this isn’t motivation for ya… i don’t know what is!   Get out there and make it happen!


Future is created by what you do today! not tomorrow! hockey motivational meme


The old saying is “don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today!” (or something like that)  yeah well… I like this one a bit better… a little more modern for the times!  Don’t waste the day because it is a day you don’t like.  Make Mondays for Hockey!  Saucer, hockey snipe, practice stick handing… do what ever it takes to move forward and Enjoy every second!

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Monday Motivational hockey meme


I snapped this photo as I was walking out of the locker room playing my regular Sunday night ice hockey Men’s beer league.    It was a great night of hockey with a great group of hockey players (as always).   It wasn’t always the way (not that they weren’t good guys it is just I was the new guy and needed to earn respect because respect isn’t ever given)…

I was the new guy about a year ago or so…  No one talked to me.  My style of play didn’t seem to fit well the first few months.  I struggled miserably… Most would say I was an epic fail…  but I never gave up…

They moved me to defense… Never played defense in my life…  One guy told me… “with your slap shot.. move to defense”  and it wasn’t a suggestion.. it was an order.   I did so… and failed some more.  I got burned… over and over…  Defense felt so foreign to me.   But I never quit!

I did what I could training off ice….  with one timer slap shots with my passer pro and mastering my saucer pass.   My passing was always spot on…  Saucing through the opposition… tallying up assist after assists.

Then all it took.. was one chance… just one chance!  To be fed… a one timer…  I saw my chance… and I put all of 180 lbs of me (give or take a few) into my one timer slap shot… beat the goalie to only have it ring off the pipe lol!

I didn’t earn a goal… but I earned something more important… respect!

Ever since that day many, many months ago.  I’ve been fed the puck back to the point over and over… I’ve scored and I haven’t scored on one timers.  but…   through failure I’ve earned respect.   Respect your team mates, earn respect…  and never give up.

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When all else fails play hockey….

all-else-fails-play-hockey-memeHaving a crappy day?  Don’t feel like anything is going right?   We’ve been all there… Hockey is a great outlet to take out many frustrations… you can slap 50 pucks!  or even check someone into the boards =)   either way Hockey fixes everything!   Even if you don’t want to lace them up… just turn it on TV and dream!

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Remember that guy that quit… neither does anyone else.

Remember that guy that gave up or quit?   Neither does anyone else!   Hockey motivational meme for ya!   Don’t give up on your dreams…  keep working towards them… you’ll never know if you don’t try.

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Mistakes are proof that you are trying hockey Motivation meme

The one thing about hockey… you’ll make mistakes… a lot of them… and I mean A LOT OF THEM!   Mistakes are proof that you are trying…     If you think you won’t make any mistakes your truly mistaken 😉

Enjoy hockey and don’t worry about and don’t worry about the mistakes.
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No one ever got better doing nothing hockey meme

With that said… I try to shoot and stick handle at least every day… There isn’t a day goes by I don’t chip or sauce a puck 5 hole into my Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge hockey shooting tarp…  I do say it is a luxury to have a set up in my basement… even if it isn’t professionally install and looks like a million bucks… it is highly effective and keeps my walls and anything else I have down there from getting damaged…     It is a great work out!  The kids and I have a blast playing down there passing the Green Biscuit around…  They even love the Extreme Passing Kit and how it rebounds the puck back to you… they think that is the coolest thing…  So what are you going to do in the hockey off season to stay in hockey shape?

I made this video below awhile back and forgot to publish it… I some practice on a three camera shoot because hell why not right?  (unless you don’t have three cameras to shoot with)  So check it out below and keep practicing as much as possible…

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