Green Biscuit Wednesday! #humpday

Yes I am starting the revolution for you all to get better in the off season.. (well some of you don’t have an off season but you all need to work on your stick handling)   So I declare that every Wednesday is Green Biscuit Wednesday (visit their website )!

If you have a green biscuit… take a photo of it and #greenbiscuitswednesday to it…  Or even send the photo to me on   I love this line up of off-ice practice pucks.     Today we are highlighting the Green Biscuit Snipe!   It is more for shooting then stick handing but works great when On a shooting pad or EPK.   It is a great compliment to your Original green biscuit puck.

Happy  Hockey
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HockeyShot’s Extreme Passing Kit!

So I got the HockeyShot’s Extreme passing kit or aka “EPK” last week… and I have to say… it might be the best single device for off-ice training you will need… I know I know you are thinking “you said that about the green biscuit”… well yes that is true… but you can use the green biscuit with this passer… and slick as ice roll up shooting pad… more info check out shop or click here

Vote for the Green Biscuit!

Photo above is taken by me after one full year of using the green biscuit for stick handling and passing…

Go to this direct link to vote,-Snipe-&-Blush   Vote now and vote often!

Myself and my two daughters are huge fans of the green biscuit…  You have heard me for over a year now talking about how great this off ice training device is… All you need is a stick and the green biscuit and you can train stick handling and passing (with a rebounder or a friend) Visit for more info on the Green Biscuit and please help Tom out to making his dream a reality!   Vote now… please…

Brent @ upper corner hockey

Skip to 5:20 in the video

Fast Hands Hockey Training device

Fast Hands Hockey LLC is a great training device. First off this thing is built like a tank. This device is nothing like those other plastic off ice training devices. This thing is built to last. I will go into detail more about this but if you are looking into some off ice (or on ice) training equipment definitely check them out.   It is also a great work out as well.  I been testing it out down the basement with some toe drags to some quick wrist shots.  I hope to have some video soon but I want to get a little better at mastering this thing first so I don’t look like a complete fool on video =)

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