Proof that you can practice your hockey one timer by yourself!

Video Proof that you can practice your hockey one timer by yourself with out ice…   I know it is hard to believe… but with the EPK or aka the Extreme Passing Kit with the super slick no seams 8 foot long 4 foot wide (approximately) and clamp on Extreme Passer Clip on model you can work on your one timer all day long…at your own time… at home, park, or local outdoor rink… you can’t ask for anything more   Watch the quick video below.

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Brent #uch

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Morning Hockey snipes with the Extreme passing Kit or EPK

Woke up at 5am today before work… Rolled up my  Extreme Passing Kit and put it in the family truck-ster!  It was abnormally cold but quite refreshing with temps in the high 50’s.   I set up my EPK in three simple steps and started sniping… I got a bunch of video but here is a quick instagram clip of some of the first shots… look below…

It is really hard to practice one timers with out someone feeding you the puck… but with the EPK.  It gives you the ability to pass it into the rebounder and fire the puck back at ya as fast as you fire it into it!   So be ready and catch that one time quick wrist shot or get that stick back fast for a one timer slap shot… it is a great work out and I highly recommend it… For more info and where to buy click here

Or Visit the Review link above and read my full review on the EPK or Extreme passing Kit by Hockey shot



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