Outdoor rink during the super bowl in the snow!

While everyone watched that “big game” I trekked out into the elements or aka snow… to the ODR aka Outdoor Rink   (lots of AKA’s tonight)… I knew no one would be there so I got some quality time alone… the ice was extra chunky and really in horrible conditions… but yet again it was “free ice time”  so i didn’t care and made the best of it… watch the video below!

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Take the summer off or do you take it to the streets?

Do you take the summer off?  Or do you take it to the streets?  We are fortunate to do both in our area.   We even have lights (if you are lucky to know the right people).   Some play on foot here but we always play on Roller blades but to me Hockey is hockey!  Play, Enjoy and Have the best time ya can!

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Want to play a game?

Well with a lot of spring ice hockey seasons starting last week and people taking to the streets seeing the snow is melting in most states.  Will you be taking the summer off or playing all year around?  I wanted to play ice but finances are keeping me from that. But they do have a Summer league in like 14 or so weeks.  I am going to see what I can do.  I am enjoying Ice Hockey so much better these days.  Been joining my friends Ryan Pizzo and Ben on Friday mornings.  It feels so good to be back on the ice.    I am also looking for the right fit for me.  Do I play the over 35 league?  or do I play with all the younger guys?  I been trying both with the open hockey and just can’t make up my mind.  Hopefully time will help with that decision.  I took this photo a week ago on a nice warm afternoon.  In the photo is my Easton Stealth 55s Cammeralli curve 85 flex hockey stick.   I taped it up extra so the blade wasn’t exposed.  It worked well but again I want to keep this one for ice only.

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