Embrace every season! 365 Hockey! hockey meme

Yesterday I spent a good 3 hours at the out door rink with my hockey buddy Ben… taking slap shots, tape to tape passes, radar gun speed test, inline skating, and even play a few games of “posts”…    It was just what that doctor ordered…

You don’t always have to perfect sheet of ice or even a championship play off game to enjoy hockey 365!  I’ve been hearing a lot of hate due to the fact it is no longer winter… but seriously you have to embrace every season and take what nature has to offer.   Even if it means dusting off those old roller blades and finding an empty school yard, out door rink, or even just sniping some shots in your driveway.

So get out grab a friend and enjoy hockey!


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86mph slap shot recorded on the new HockeyShot radar gun

HockeyShot new Radar gun… I been obsessed with this damn thing… it is so much fun… especially if you go head to head with a friend… (My friend Rob McCallum producer of the NES Club movie points out “it would make for a great drinking game”)   Well if you choose that route.. please drink responsibly.

This Hockey Radar Gun really helps you get better and better.   You ask how?  Well first of all… you get instant feed back… You slap the puck towards the radar gun (of course have it behind the net or you’ll break it if you hit it) and it reads the MPH and even will tell you it if you have the voice feature turned on.

It works as advertised and it is amazing and accurate…  Click here to buy it the Radar Gun

I am also shooting off the Junior shooting bad by HockeyShot… I highly recommend buying that too if you want to shoot at your local outdoor rink or driveway or even off your front lawn…  Buy It now Click Here

If you have any questions about please feel free to ask… check out the hardest recorded shot I’ve gotten on it so far video below.


$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF