Hockey Shots new Durable hockey Net!


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How to Install your new Extreme Passing Kit


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Thinking about getting a Extreme Passing Kit? Or already bought one and want to see how to set it up… The set up is a snap! Super simple. This is a great Tutorial for Hockey Mom and Hockey Dad! Most hockey players won’t need this due to the fact they can figure it out but just know what Side to shoot on is worth watching this tutorial or aka how to video.

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Video: Shot with Canon 70d more info click here
Lens used Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 more info here

Filmed and produced by Brent Dolan
Edited by Brent Dolan @

any hockey is good hockey!

Well now that I am free lancing… Working from home half the day has it’s perks!    While some files where uploading… I grabbed my old street hockey stick!  Which consists of an old Sherwood composite stick that broke and a Frontier Hockey ABS replacement blade.    It works great for messing around in the driveway saucing a few so you don’t ruin you ice hockey stick!   In this video I’m using the Extreme Passer Pro from Hockey shot, Green biscuit pro and The Original Hockey Sauce kit goal!   Lots of fun if you don’t have a lot of time but need something hockey!   It really can help anyone through the day… Even on your lunch hour at work.   #staysaucy  Code: UPPER10OFF for 10 bucks off 100 at hockey shot!  never forget that and thanks everyone for your support!

Upper Corner Hockey

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Develop the softest of hands with the Extreme Passing Kit from HockeyShot

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Step up your game!  with the Extreme passing kit!   Practice your passing and receiving all day long with this Off Ice Hockey trainer!   I pass at least about 500 pucks a week back and forth to create that muscle memory to help develop those soft hands every hockey player strives for…   The large roll up shooting pad is great due to it being as slick as ice and has zero seams… which means the puck will glide as fast as you slide it back and forth into the hockey rebounder…. speaking of rebounder… this Extreme passing kit features the clip on or clamp on Passer rebounder model that secures itself tight to the roll up shooting pad…   I highly recommend this item for anyone that has a garage, basement or any type of area to practice in… you won’t regret it.    for more info and specs visit this link

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Hockey Snipes and other random stuff video

I have some other videos in the work… but really felt like going back to what I enjoy the most… just taking some hockey snipes and some much needed off ice training and practice… It feels good to just relax and shoot and enjoy myself…   Great times and fall is upon us… it feels great and the cool air is welcomed!   hope you all enjoy this season


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How to Install your Hockey Shot dry Land off ice Hockey tiles

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So you made the “Big Purchase”  or on the Fence?  Well here is a super quick video to show you how easy it is to install your hockey shot Dry Land Off Ice Hockey tiles… These work best on a flat surface… I first had these on top of my basement carpet and it made the tiles not work as good as they should… if the surface isn’t flat and solid like a basement unfinished floor or unfinished garage floor… the tiles seams will make it difficult and not have the puck slide as well… so make sure #1 the area you are installing these tiles is flat!  no rugs underneath, etc.   Check the video below for all the other info on how easy it is to lay down these Hockey tiles.

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Upper Corner Hockey


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No one ever got better doing nothing hockey meme

With that said… I try to shoot and stick handle at least every day… There isn’t a day goes by I don’t chip or sauce a puck 5 hole into my Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge hockey shooting tarp…  I do say it is a luxury to have a set up in my basement… even if it isn’t professionally install and looks like a million bucks… it is highly effective and keeps my walls and anything else I have down there from getting damaged…     It is a great work out!  The kids and I have a blast playing down there passing the Green Biscuit around…  They even love the Extreme Passing Kit and how it rebounds the puck back to you… they think that is the coolest thing…  So what are you going to do in the hockey off season to stay in hockey shape?

I made this video below awhile back and forgot to publish it… I some practice on a three camera shoot because hell why not right?  (unless you don’t have three cameras to shoot with)  So check it out below and keep practicing as much as possible…

Upper Corner Hockey

The New Extreme Passer Pro by HockeyShot… Video

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HockeyShot’s New Extreme Passer Pro… this is the stand alone model… it is super heavy and nothing like the EPK… the EPK has the rebounder that clips on to shooting tiles or roll up shooting pad…. The Extreme Passer Pro can be used on ice (with screw down retractable spikes) or in your driveway…

In this video I adjusted the spikes accordingly… also the ice wasn’t the best ice in the world either… but I gave it a go anyways… had a great time with it..   As you can see in the video below… This is a great device if you make your own Ice Shooting pad in the winter… or Grab a Green Biscuit and practice some stick handling and passing in the driveway…  (video of that coming soon)…..  I will be doing a full review on this device soon… so keep posted….


Upper Corner Hockey

Extreme passing Kit best bang for the buck…

Well just breaking into all the boxes of stuff… The largest box had the Extreme Passing Kit aka EPK… I’d have to say… this is the slickest practice surface I have yet to use… I’ve owned the Dryland Flooring Tiles for over a year now.. they are very good don’t get me wrong but this new and improved Extreme Passing Kit has a really slick surface on the roll up shooting pad…  The EPK comes with a new and improved rebounder with a bungee cord for even quicker rebounds than previous model…  More on that soon.  check out Hockey Shots video below for full details… I am also a Tournament Rep for Hockey Shot so if  you live in NJ contact me on our Facebook page at

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