Slap Shots with my Bauer Nexus 600 Toews blade curve

This video was shot today after playing hockey for over 1 1/2 hours… I was a bit tired but I had the ice to myself for a half hour… So I gave it a go.. I did have 3 goals and 3 assist today in the game… One was a really good breakaway. Lots of fun and living the dream…

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Great Morning of Ice Hockey…

I am lucky to have the luxury to stay a little later than most after hockey is over and practice a bit… Today practice paid off… I had a break away goal today after a sweet pass from my friend Rob that split the D… I was one on one with the goalie.. I dink-ed it off the right post and in… Felt great… Thanks to my friends Ryan Pizzo @ DMC Athletics & Rehabilitation – Official Page and Ben for always driving me to do better… Thanks dudes! and… to @ for awesome off ice training products…

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Summer Training 2013

With Proper technique of course!  With that all being said.  Training is the key to success in anything you do.  Learn something and then repeat it.  You will see improvements.  Even agrees with me seeing they posted my exact Hockey Meme on their facebook and it went viral see here   To order any products and to help support this site click this link –>

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