Toews Challenge accepted and 1up-ed


Toews sniped a water bottle…. Jeremy from How to Hockey sniped a puck… umm it is about time I enter the mix…  look what I snipe and “can” I snipe it?  pun intended on the can!   Watch Below!

Lots of asked how many times it took me to snipe this…  more than I wanted…  any more than the 1st try is more than I wanted… It is a lot of fun though… I’ve learned keeping your head up is the main goal of this challenge… in case you want to try…   if you do please send your videos to me… i’d love to see

Upper Corner Hockey

PS I also using the Junior shooting pad..  lots of people keep asking me that. see store link or review section for more info

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When All else fails Practice Practice Practice hockey meme

photo by Brent @ upper corner hockey

Feeling in a hockey rut?  Wondering why now when the start of the hockey season you aren’t scoring any goals… no assists… or hell not even any shots on goal…   Coach is playing you less and less… or are you team mates on your beer league chirping at ya wondering what happened to ya?  Well just go back to basics!  Take some much needed time and work on that shot… You won’t just get a great work out… you”ll be building confidence in yourself…  Which is the most important thing of all!  Go out and shoot today… even if it is for 5 or 10 minutes… go snipe some pucks!


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Green Biscuit Giveaway!

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Why you ask… are we giving away a Green Biscuit?  Well I say.. why not!  I am a huge fan of all forms of the green biscuit.   Whether it is the Original Green biscuit, green biscuit snipe, blush or pink green biscuit for Breast Cancer awareness or the Limited Edition Green biscuit with your favorite countries logo on it!    This is hands down the easiest way work on your stick handling… all ya need is a hockey stick, pavement and an original green biscuit…

The Green Biscuit was founded by former NHL’er, Tom Pederson. Tom played 240 games in the NHL for the San Jose Sharks and the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also played hockey at the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers. The Green Biscuit was invented because Tom saw a need for an off-ice hockey puck that mimicked a puck on ice. Green Biscuit’s engineered design reduces friction and vibration while moving over surfaces like concrete or asphalt.  It is also available at

You can use this on a shooting pad, driveway, asphalt, etc.. this puck works on anything as you can see in the video below….  You can also get a green biscuit for free when you purchase an Extreme Passing Kit enter: UPPER10OFF during check out for 10 bucks off Click here for more details