hockey player’s ice scraper!


Every walk out of the rink… to find that your car is covered in snow… or worse ice!  I know as hockey players we dream of the world covered in ice… but…. you don’t want ice covering your car… especially when… you have to drive home!

Well never fear… your hockey stick is near!..


don’t complain about the play you didn’t make because of the work you didn’t do hockey meme

don’t complain about the play you didn’t make because of the work you didn’t do hockey meme…   this caption was sent in from Bill Colclough… it is a great motivational hockey meme!    I took this screen shot from my hockey snipes the other day with my new True acore 9  #playtrue



Pond Hockey goodness! with Ryan Pizzo

Last week was the first of the 2015 Pond Hockey Season!   So I took a few minutes of some video footage… I shot this at 120 fps with the iphone 5s… So I can ramp it up and slow it down when needed… cool effect and super super smooth!  Ryan Pizzo killing it as usual!  More coming soon check out the video below!  I hope to get more footage soon!

Upper Corner Hockey


Easton V9e Hockey Stick

I took these photos back at my friends shop… this was pre-release of this twig…  I haven’t had a chance to shoot with it but the feel of this stick is amazing… I love the dual lie of it as well..   It sits nice a flat on the toe and nice a flat on the heel…   It really looks like it might be a stick you might have to get use to but with the way everyone is shooting these days… off the toe for a snap shot… and catch a pass on the heel…  either way it is very innovative and I love to see how the sport keeps evolving.. when is the last time you seen this kind of development in any other sport… Long live Hockey!    Buy this stick Click here

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Ryan Pizzo’s Game Highlight reel 8-20-13 with New Easton V9e

Ryan Pizzo’s highlight reel from last nights game 8-20-13…  Playing for the NJ Scouts… The game ended 11-3 with Ryan picking up 3 goals and 4 assists…   It was fun for me to watch and film…  Ryan is using his new Easton V9e hockey stick…   more info on that stick click here

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Bauer Nexus 600 P14 87 flex hockey stick review!

I just posted a great review on my Bauer Nexus 600 hockey stick.  check it out at

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Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up… Hockey meme

I am not ashamed to say that is me in the photo.  I caught and edge turning around after doing some slap shots.  But I get right back up and fire some more.  I thought about it this morning ummm that screen shot of me falling would make a good Hockey meme.   In the photo I was taking slap shots close to inside the blue line with my new (well new to me) Bauer Nexus 600 hockey stick with Toews curve 87 flex  So if you are wondering what kind of fall I took check out the video below.


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How often do you re-tape your hockey blade/stick?

Started a Discussion on Facebook asking all my Hockey players out there how many times they re-tape their hockey stick / blade.   It looks like most almost everyone tapes their stick before a game or after a game.  That must be good news for the guys over at   Check um out and give um a like on 

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