The Goal Light Pen by Fan Fever


The goal light pen by fan fever a must for every hockey fan that still actually writes!  See video below… the video was taken with an iphone 5s with no audio modifications.  So you can see how loud the The Goal Light pen is!   The pen works great but it won’t be deafening anyone with the sound or blinding anyone with the light!  Still works awesome though as you can see in the video below.  I thumbs up for a great Birthday gift or Holiday gift!    Great Stocking stuffer idea

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Upper Corner Hockey

The Puck Hog paperback book great for a Hockey Stocking stuffer!

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Oh wait there is a Volume two as well…

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You won’t be disappointed…  Especially for that little hockey player in your life!    Great these great books, throw a log on the fire and enjoy a great book with your little ones!