FWD PowerShot Reviewed by HockeyTutorial.com

My good friend Chris from across the pond sent me his newest review of the FWD Power Shot… looks like an awesome device… Chris told me… “This device is highly addicting to use because you keep wanting to keep getting a better score each time”  The device works as advertised… I haven’t tested it but I take my friends word for it…

I also asked him “What separates this device from any other hockey training aids?”

Chris’s reply: “More accurate ! Other devices make training inaccurate if they aren’t set up perfectly.  The pucks that measure your speed are annoying as hell.. Shoot one then pick it up and check. It’s nice to drop bucket of pucks and keep shooting while checking the results in real time.  The fact that you can share the results with your friends using the app and compare is just a bonus!  Friendly competition to help you improve!”

Well there ya go… the price tag isn’t cheap but it seems like you get a lot of bang for you buck and sounds like a ton of fun to use…

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Upper Corner Hockey


HockeyShot’s Extreme Passing Kit!

So I got the HockeyShot’s Extreme passing kit or aka “EPK” last week… and I have to say… it might be the best single device for off-ice training you will need… I know I know you are thinking “you said that about the green biscuit”… well yes that is true… but you can use the green biscuit with this passer… and slick as ice roll up shooting pad… more info check out shop or click here

Hockey Extreme Passing Kit Brand new!

Click here for more info and where to buy

New Product!  Awesome new hockey puck or practice puck rebounder by hockey shot!  Definitely on my want list!  This can be used on both on ice or off ice training…   The Pro model has some extra features so click the link above for more info and where to buy….

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Ryan Pizzo VS Brent Dolan Best Upper Corner Hockey Shot!

Well after Hockey this past Friday.  We had some extra ice time.  We broke out the Fast Hands Hockey training device and the video camera.   First Ryan Pizzo dangled through the #fasthands device and then a Snap Shot Upper Corner right!  I didn’t want to be out matched (even though Ryan always does) I took some slap shots from inside the blue line.    I laced one Upper Corner.  I was also using my new Bauer Nexus 600 stick with some fresh Dangle Wax on the blade (more on that soon)   After seeing the video It got me thinking? umm lets let the fans decide who has the better Upper Corner Hockey Shot!  Watch the video below

Thanks for watching and vote on youtube by visiting this link http://youtu.be/rBcVZ3mW1Ps

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