Save up to buy an EZ Goal and I break both my hockey sticks

Oh the irony… or just plain bad luck…  or blessing in disguise. You decide!  I’ve been putting off getting an EZ Goal for a few years now…   I have the Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp and used the snot out of it… I also have access to a great outdoor rink facility…

But I’ve noticed since I moved the tarp into the garage and this winter we’ve been hammered with snow (not as bad as Boston… I don’t know how ya all did it God bless ya) I’ve been doing less and less off-ice training…

I know I know… practice what you preach… so I did just that… I saved my bucks from some of my online affiliate sales (yes please click my links and buy I get a small commission thanks in advance for the support) and bought myself an Ez Goal with back stop!    I will do a full review soon…

So with all that said… I now have a chance to hockey snipe at home in the driveway and as I am shooting my first few snipes… I noticed a crack in my apx2… I must of broke it last week on a one timer!  It broke my heart… loved that stick… but no problem… I have a back up… My total one… and on my first shift going into the boards the other play puts his skate right through the blade of my stick… so now I’m stuck using my cracked apx2… it held up but everyone was yelling at me to take a clapper and I just couldn’t… it knew the blade wouldn’t handle it…  I had to explain to each guy on our team what happened… they really didn’t care they said “just take the slap shot anyways”….  I took one and it went way off to the right…

Well anyways the moral of the story is… well there really isn’t one…. I am still stoked to make the decision to get the EZ goal with back stop… I even took a few snipes with the broken apx2 shown in this vine video below:

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Green Biscuit Blush! #greenbiscuitwednesday

Green Biscuit Blush being featured today for Green Biscuit Wednesday… again this is not a paid advertisement… I am running this campaign to get you all off the couch and out into your driveway… go stick handle… pass.. practice!  It makes you feel good about yourself and it is fun!    I can’t wait to go home and stick handle my green biscuit tonight…   love this thing!    more info and where to buy Click here or visit this url

Upper Corner Hockey


if you don’t practice… you won’t get better…


There is always time in your day to improve your game… if you have the area? or even if you don’t… find a way to improve you game everyday!   It will also grow confidence and when you have the chance you will bury that puck into the back of the net… enjoy hockey
Upper Corner Hockey


The New Extreme Passing Kit EPK by hockey shot reviewed!

Check out my nice short and sweet review on the New Extreme Passing Kit or EPK by Hockey Shot!     Also check out the video on how to utilize your EPK once you buy it… If you’re a hockey player… this is a must buy!  Read review Click here or follow this link

Upper Corner Hockey

Extreme passing Kit best bang for the buck…

Well just breaking into all the boxes of stuff… The largest box had the Extreme Passing Kit aka EPK… I’d have to say… this is the slickest practice surface I have yet to use… I’ve owned the Dryland Flooring Tiles for over a year now.. they are very good don’t get me wrong but this new and improved Extreme Passing Kit has a really slick surface on the roll up shooting pad…  The EPK comes with a new and improved rebounder with a bungee cord for even quicker rebounds than previous model…  More on that soon.  check out Hockey Shots video below for full details… I am also a Tournament Rep for Hockey Shot so if  you live in NJ contact me on our Facebook page at

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Vote for the Green Biscuit!

Photo above is taken by me after one full year of using the green biscuit for stick handling and passing…

Go to this direct link to vote,-Snipe-&-Blush   Vote now and vote often!

Myself and my two daughters are huge fans of the green biscuit…  You have heard me for over a year now talking about how great this off ice training device is… All you need is a stick and the green biscuit and you can train stick handling and passing (with a rebounder or a friend) Visit for more info on the Green Biscuit and please help Tom out to making his dream a reality!   Vote now… please…

Brent @ upper corner hockey

Skip to 5:20 in the video

Rock on with your Puck on!

Photo/idea i came up with while i schlepped over 5 cubic yards of rock this past weekend for my front yard landscaping… I much rather of been playing hockey ‪#‎hockey‬ ‪#‎uppercornerhockey‬

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Ryan Pizzo VS Brent Dolan Best Upper Corner Hockey Shot!

Well after Hockey this past Friday.  We had some extra ice time.  We broke out the Fast Hands Hockey training device and the video camera.   First Ryan Pizzo dangled through the #fasthands device and then a Snap Shot Upper Corner right!  I didn’t want to be out matched (even though Ryan always does) I took some slap shots from inside the blue line.    I laced one Upper Corner.  I was also using my new Bauer Nexus 600 stick with some fresh Dangle Wax on the blade (more on that soon)   After seeing the video It got me thinking? umm lets let the fans decide who has the better Upper Corner Hockey Shot!  Watch the video below

Thanks for watching and vote on youtube by visiting this link

Brent Dolan

Fast Hands Hockey Training device

Fast Hands Hockey LLC is a great training device. First off this thing is built like a tank. This device is nothing like those other plastic off ice training devices. This thing is built to last. I will go into detail more about this but if you are looking into some off ice (or on ice) training equipment definitely check them out.   It is also a great work out as well.  I been testing it out down the basement with some toe drags to some quick wrist shots.  I hope to have some video soon but I want to get a little better at mastering this thing first so I don’t look like a complete fool on video =)

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