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Total Hockey Video pick up!  Here is a video of me picking up my newest pick up from Total hockey or aka unboxing as it is known on “the youtube”   Check out and see what I did with my total hockey gift card…  I just couldn’t resist their year end sale.   Watch the video below…

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If you stay ready… hockey snipes

Watched an interview with Will Smith the other day… yes the Fresh Prince!  In that interview he talked about always being ready…    I couldn’t agree more…     So my point is… This off-season don’t let your hockey gear collect dust…  You can do other things (sports, swim, surf, etc) don’t get me wrong… Staying active and having fun is the best way to stay in shape but there is nothing else more fun than hockey so get out and hockey snipe!

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Score more goals in ice hockey… get the shot off fast

People ask me time and time again… “how do i score more goals”  well one way is to get to the net… closer you are to the net the more you will get that puck past the goalie!  The other way is… get that shot off fast!  If you get a pass from your team mate… Just fire it off fast… don’t hesitate…  It give the goalie to much time… you don’t need a huge slap shot either… sometimes a quick wrist shot like in this video will do the trick… it is more accurate and deceptive…  more on that soon… watch the quick video below… and yes… this is what I do when I come home from work… I will fire off at least 5 to 6 shots before dinner!    Great stuff and kills any anger or frustration I had that day lol! Watch the video below…

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Hockey Snipes and other random stuff video

I have some other videos in the work… but really felt like going back to what I enjoy the most… just taking some hockey snipes and some much needed off ice training and practice… It feels good to just relax and shoot and enjoy myself…   Great times and fall is upon us… it feels great and the cool air is welcomed!   hope you all enjoy this season


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