True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes

I took this shots (in a hurry btw) after playing our usual Sunday night hockey!   I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time but I wanted to get some pops on video.   This hockey stick is a beast!    It’s been 3 weeks of playing with this stick and I gotta say… it has the most pop out of any stick i’ve every used… It’s an effortless pop too!    I’ve probably already took 1000 clappers with it with practice and game play.  Lots of one timers too…   I’ll post more video as soon as I can get it.   Check out the video below.

Brent #uppercornerhockey

Tag a player who can go bardown

tag a player who cant go bardown video meme

I took this video this past Sunday…   I just got the new True Hockey XC 9 ACF… i gotta say it’s a beast!    I had the Xcore 9 by True hockey and it was my favorite stick of all time… The Xcore 9 was a bit blade heavy but… it was durable as anything… It lasted me 2 years on the ice and tons and tons of slap shots!    Well this new XC9 ACF is as light as a feather and has even more power than the Xcore 9…. Lets see how long it will last in the durability catagory!    More to come!    Watch video below!


He Knew he f-ed up saucer pass gone wrong trick shot video


Not proud of this one… or am I?   I did hit the camera on my first try… to bad I was aiming for the Hockey Sauce Kit net! lol… Hey not all trick shots or saucer passes go as planned!  It’s all good… it makes for a funny hockey fail video!    Watch the video below

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Goon Snoopy Comic


Missing teeth!  Seems to be the calling of a hockey player!

Goon Snoopy!


I’m Thankful for Hockey! Happy Thanksgiving!


Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Hockey Thanksgiving! I’m also Thankful to Canada for inventing the best sport ever!

If you have any pumpkins left over… here’s a good way on how to make Pumpkin pie!  Hockey Style!


Happy Hockey Halloween!


Happy Hockey Halloween everyone!  I posted this on facebook in hopes to get some cool photos to post later tonight!     Post here if you have any hockey Halloween related stuff!

I even posted this one the other day while I was carving out this pumpkin!

Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Holiday!  This one I feel really kicks off the Holiday season!
Don’t forget to watch my hockey pumpkin snipe video!  This is how you carve a pumpkin like a hockey player!


Never give up Hockey meme!


I posted this hockey meme late last night… and I’ve have a weeks that have been very difficult… (3 weeks to be exact)  but I’ve learned at an early age… it is very easy to give up!  Give up and blame everyone but yourself!  Well that’s not the answer…   giving up solves nothing!

SUCCESS in life comes…. when you simply REFUSE to GIVE UP… with goals so strong… That obstacles… FAILURES… and LOSS only act as MOTIVATION!

Look yourself in the mirror… tell yourself this…

Don’t give up!
Dreams matter! So dream Big!