The New Extreme Passer Pro by HockeyShot… Video

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HockeyShot’s New Extreme Passer Pro… this is the stand alone model… it is super heavy and nothing like the EPK… the EPK has the rebounder that clips on to shooting tiles or roll up shooting pad…. The Extreme Passer Pro can be used on ice (with screw down retractable spikes) or in your driveway…

In this video I adjusted the spikes accordingly… also the ice wasn’t the best ice in the world either… but I gave it a go anyways… had a great time with it..   As you can see in the video below… This is a great device if you make your own Ice Shooting pad in the winter… or Grab a Green Biscuit and practice some stick handling and passing in the driveway…  (video of that coming soon)…..  I will be doing a full review on this device soon… so keep posted….


Upper Corner Hockey

HockeyShot’s Extreme Passing Kit!

So I got the HockeyShot’s Extreme passing kit or aka “EPK” last week… and I have to say… it might be the best single device for off-ice training you will need… I know I know you are thinking “you said that about the green biscuit”… well yes that is true… but you can use the green biscuit with this passer… and slick as ice roll up shooting pad… more info check out shop or click here

Everyday i’m Practicing…

50 pucks, 16 dry land tiles and 1 shooting tarp… There isn’t a day that goes by… I don’t practice on my shot…

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Summer Training 2013

With Proper technique of course!  With that all being said.  Training is the key to success in anything you do.  Learn something and then repeat it.  You will see improvements.  Even agrees with me seeing they posted my exact Hockey Meme on their facebook and it went viral see here   To order any products and to help support this site click this link –>

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