Hockey Defense 101 Use the Markings on the ice! VIDEO

Jeremy from How to Hockey and The Hockey Movement along with Dan the man… show you how you can use the markings on the ice to better position your self during the game when you are playing Defense.    They show you the correct way and the wrong way… so these quick tips or even refresher course for you all… Might help you and your team out…    Love Hockey? Join

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how to fake toe drag to top shelf in hockey and other easy breakaway moves

Pavel Barber’s full video

Hey hockey players… just giving you some real easy break away moves… all pretty standard and nothing fancy what so ever… the fake toe drag to top shelf or upper corner is super easy and really effective… so try it out the next time you get a breakaway.

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How to remove the tape from your hockey stick video…

Going to add this to the “how to” section of the site but here is the video of how to remove the tape for your hockey stick… it isn’t hard but not easy either… this is good video for hockey Moms, Dads, and beginners…  stay safe with that knife and always cut away… Watch video below…

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Backhand practice pays off on ice…

Thanks again to Jeremy at How to Hockey showing me the importance of a good backhand shot…  About less than a month ago Jeremy said to do 1000 backhand shots… I never thought much of it… So I did it.. and wow what a difference in my shot… I really have a boat load of more confidence now to shoot and score with my backhand…  It is a great feeling to have the confidence to score on both my fore hand and backhand… I highly recommend doing the same to improve your shot…

I actually had a break away this past Friday 10-25-13 and went to the back and roof-ed it top shelf…  Great feeling especially when the goalie bit on my fore hand fake and then I went backhand top shelf…  lov-n-it!

Brent @ Upper Corner Hockey

Nothing better than morning ice hockey!

Well back from another morning of ice hockey… I had 2 goals and 1 assist… Good thing I practiced that back hand this week… Because it came in handy with both of my goals… One back hand five hole and another back hand glove side right upper corner… The only downside was I took slap shot from point blank range to my ribs… right below the padding… So nothing stop the puck from hitting them… I went down for about 5 or so seconds and then skated tot he bench to check to see if i was ok… The pain is there but i am sure i’ll be fine.. i think it was only like a 70mph shot so i don’t think anything is cracked… I’ll keep ya posted and thanks to Jeremy at @ How To Hockey  or at for the back hand drills… My confidence was higher this morning shooting on my backhand so I tested it out and it worked well..   Check out the video of the 100 of 1000 pucks shooting backhand.

Brent @ Upper Corner Hockey

How To Pass And Bank Puck Off Boards – Neutral Player Ice Hockey Offensive Play For Beginners

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