Sunday Sauce or Sunday Gravy… hockey style

We call it Sunday Sauce in our house hold..    Plus hockey gravy pass just doesn’t sound right but… if you are a true Italian…  I guess it could work =)

If you’re having trouble with your hockey saucer pass.. and watch to get my most popular tutorial..  check out this video below or check the how to section of this website.  It’s over 40k views


How to Install your new Extreme Passing Kit


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Thinking about getting a Extreme Passing Kit? Or already bought one and want to see how to set it up… The set up is a snap! Super simple. This is a great Tutorial for Hockey Mom and Hockey Dad! Most hockey players won’t need this due to the fact they can figure it out but just know what Side to shoot on is worth watching this tutorial or aka how to video.

Hope it helps and take 10 bucks off this EPK using code: UPPER10OFF

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Video: Shot with Canon 70d more info click here
Lens used Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 more info here

Filmed and produced by Brent Dolan
Edited by Brent Dolan @

Deck Railing Sauce! with Hockey Sauce Kit and True xcore 9

Watch full unlisted coming soon video click on the photo above..  Other wise check out the money hockey sauce on the vine video below.

I don’t know where I came up with the idea… I had about 15 minutes to kill so I thought to myself… ummm I wonder if that deck railing will hold me…  I am shocked it did but if it didn’t we would of had an even better video of my fall through a collapsing deck!   Well unfortunately it held me so you get this Hockey Vine below… More on this coming soon…   And remember if you want to Saucer Pass like a pro check out our tutorial section! or follow this link

Upper Corner Hockey

game of thrones? How about Game of Posts!

I had a lot of people asking me…. so I figured I’d do a little “how to” play the game of posts our way…    Read the full article here or just click at the links above and follow the drop down menu to “how to play posts”

Here is a hard bar down that finishes the game…but you can see more of it action in the article…

Thanks everyone for the support
upper corner hockey

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How to remove the tape from your hockey stick video…

Going to add this to the “how to” section of the site but here is the video of how to remove the tape for your hockey stick… it isn’t hard but not easy either… this is good video for hockey Moms, Dads, and beginners…  stay safe with that knife and always cut away… Watch video below…

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Upper Corner Hockey

$10 off $100 order use: UPPER10OFF

How To Pass And Bank Puck Off Boards – Neutral Player Ice Hockey Offensive Play For Beginners

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