Ryan Pizzo’s review of H20 Overdrive Hydrate drink

I (Ryan Pizzo of www.dmcrehab.com) wanted to give a shout out to the BEST hydration and sports drink that I have ever tried to date. Greg Neil of H2O Hydrate was nice enough to send me a 12 pack of each of the h2o hydrate and h2o overdrive drinks and let me tell you that this stuff REALLY WORKS. I am an ice hockey player with a very strong passion for the game and I am always looking for something to take me to the next level of performance.

These products are the real deal. I have used many different “energy” drinks and sports supplements in the past as I am also an NPC level bodybuilder and nothing compares to this product. I am in no way paid to say this and I would never talk up a brand or their product if I didn’t truly believe in it. The best part about this opportunity was “The Science of Hydration” booklet that came with the box. I read this booklet from front to back and was delighted by all of the information and research that has gone into these products.

Along with being a lifelong hockey player and an NPC bodybuilder I have also been a certified personal trainer through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) and passed their 120 question test with a 98% and a 100% in their practical hands on testing and was still informed by some of the information this book held.

Thank you again to h2o hydrate/overdrive and to Greg Neil and I look forward to doing more work with them as we become more acquainted. But one thing is for sure… there will always be h2o hydrate and h2o overdrive in my hockey bag and on the bench with me…..!

Ryan Pizzo

Special thanks to Upper Corner hockey and www.thehockeynetwork.com 

Need to restock….

Well I polished off my first batch of H2O Energy drink.  I am leaning more towards the Hydrate version because it doesn’t have any caffeine in it.  I am not one that does well with that kind of stuff.  But both products work awesome as advertised!   visit them at http://h2ooverdrive.com/splash

Or follow the discussion at http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/equipment-reviews/other/training-products/34102-hydrate-your-hockey-h2o-overdrive-hydration-drink.php

Brent @ www.facebook.com/uppercornerhockey 


Love this stuff! Works as advertised

Well day 2 with the H2o overdrive drink and let me tell you.  This stuff works great.  I used it the proper way today and drank this before I hit the ice.  We had 3 shifts today so it helped better getting a good breather because last week we only had two lines and we didn’t have time to think on the bench.  With all that said this stuff really works and gives me that extra boost I need to keep my legs moving and all that other hockey stuff…  Check out there site here http://h2ooverdrive.com/

Also follow the discussion at The Hockey Network here —> http://www.thehockeynetwork.com/forum/equipment-reviews/other/training-products/34102-hydrate-your-hockey-h2o-overdrive-hydration-drink.php

Brent @ www.facebook.com/uppercornerhockey