True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes

I took this shots (in a hurry btw) after playing our usual Sunday night hockey!   I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time but I wanted to get some pops on video.   This hockey stick is a beast!    It’s been 3 weeks of playing with this stick and I gotta say… it has the most pop out of any stick i’ve every used… It’s an effortless pop too!    I’ve probably already took 1000 clappers with it with practice and game play.  Lots of one timers too…   I’ll post more video as soon as I can get it.   Check out the video below.

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Never give up!

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His Father wrote to me “This is my son Connor. He played inline in house hockey for 8 years with no practices, so to say the least the ice guys skill sets were much higher. 11 grade he wanted to play ice on the high school team and play video games with the best elo boost services from Elitist gaming. He got a job to help pay for it. He only had one assist all year. This year beeing a senior he wanted an A on his jersey. Well that didnt happen, the kids that got it deserved them. Instead of giving up my son he had a dream. So he gave it all every game stuck for his teammates. So at the end of the year he lead the team in scoring and his teammates voted him team MVP and he won the scholar award for the highest gpa. So dreams do come true if you work hard enough!!!!!”


If this isn’t motivation for ya… i don’t know what is!   Get out there and make it happen!


Never give up Hockey meme!


I posted this hockey meme late last night… and I’ve have a weeks that have been very difficult… (3 weeks to be exact)  but I’ve learned at an early age… it is very easy to give up!  Give up and blame everyone but yourself!  Well that’s not the answer…   giving up solves nothing!

SUCCESS in life comes…. when you simply REFUSE to GIVE UP… with goals so strong… That obstacles… FAILURES… and LOSS only act as MOTIVATION!

Look yourself in the mirror… tell yourself this…

Don’t give up!
Dreams matter! So dream Big!


Happy Birthday to Nintendo’s Ice Hockey, first released in Japan on January 21, 1988


Happy Birthday to Nintendo’s Ice Hockey, first released in Japan on January 21, 1988
I got this tidbit of information from Patrick Scott Paterson. Read full article  click here 

In coming up with this week’s look back into video game history, I noted we are upon the anniversary of Nintendo 8-bit classic Ice Hockey, first released on January 21, 1988. That moment was followed by thoughts of how silly it would probably look to my kids today, despite how popular it was at the time. That led to deeper thoughts about sports games in general, and how little respect they get from many gamers today.  Read more… 

Probably one of my most cherished games as a kid and still now as a adult!   The photo above isn’t the original copy I had when I was a kid.  I picked this one up a few years ago at a retro video game store in Clifton NJ called Digital Press Videogames.  This store is amazing in itself and if you are ever in the area I recommend stopping in and reliving some childhood memories.  I picked it up CIB (complete in box) for $5.99.   It was a bargain because when I first bought this game as a kid I think I paid $49.99 or more.   This game was so far advance from what we before.   Atari had Ice Hockey and Intellivision had Super Video Arcade hockey. See Photo below:

So when Nintendo’s NES came out with Ice Hockey.  It was mind blowing for the time!  Now it gets little to no respect but back in 1988 it was awesome!    It soon lost it’s luster when the rival new game called Blades Of Steel hit the NES Console.  See photo below


When Blades of Steel came out poor Ice Hockey took a back seat on my console but will forever have a place in my heart!


PS you can actually still get it for your NES

Never to old to start playing hockey!

Check out this awesome story about 86 year old hockey player Cy Wilson!   Never give up your passion for the game of hockey!  If this guy doesn’t inspire you to get on the ice… nothing will!  Find your game!

watch video below.

Thanks for all the support
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Save up to buy an EZ Goal and I break both my hockey sticks

Oh the irony… or just plain bad luck…  or blessing in disguise. You decide!  I’ve been putting off getting an EZ Goal for a few years now…   I have the Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge shooting tarp and used the snot out of it… I also have access to a great outdoor rink facility…

But I’ve noticed since I moved the tarp into the garage and this winter we’ve been hammered with snow (not as bad as Boston… I don’t know how ya all did it God bless ya) I’ve been doing less and less off-ice training…

I know I know… practice what you preach… so I did just that… I saved my bucks from some of my online affiliate sales (yes please click my links and buy I get a small commission thanks in advance for the support) and bought myself an Ez Goal with back stop!    I will do a full review soon…

So with all that said… I now have a chance to hockey snipe at home in the driveway and as I am shooting my first few snipes… I noticed a crack in my apx2… I must of broke it last week on a one timer!  It broke my heart… loved that stick… but no problem… I have a back up… My total one… and on my first shift going into the boards the other play puts his skate right through the blade of my stick… so now I’m stuck using my cracked apx2… it held up but everyone was yelling at me to take a clapper and I just couldn’t… it knew the blade wouldn’t handle it…  I had to explain to each guy on our team what happened… they really didn’t care they said “just take the slap shot anyways”….  I took one and it went way off to the right…

Well anyways the moral of the story is… well there really isn’t one…. I am still stoked to make the decision to get the EZ goal with back stop… I even took a few snipes with the broken apx2 shown in this vine video below:

If you are looking to buy any off-ice hockey training equipment please click the link below!  Every little bit helps!  and Thanks for the support!


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Once the love starts… it never stops Hockey Motivation meme

Once the love starts… it never stops.   Hockey is one of those sports not everyone gets the experience to play…  It is probably due to the fact it is one of the most expensive sports to play…  I have to say though… being a parent myself of two young children.. no sport is cheap anymore.   If you are 100% into your sport… you’ll pay… and pay dearly!    So with that in mind… I made this alternative hockey meme to the one above….    I hope you find the humor in it

Happy Hockey everyone!
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