Nothing better than a Clean Sheet of Ice


First one on gets the best feeling of cutting up the fresh clean sheet of ice!  No better feeling.  It is like skating on glass…   feel free to add a comment on our facebook page follow this link

And get out on the ice!

Pond Hockey goodness! with Ryan Pizzo

Last week was the first of the 2015 Pond Hockey Season!   So I took a few minutes of some video footage… I shot this at 120 fps with the iphone 5s… So I can ramp it up and slow it down when needed… cool effect and super super smooth!  Ryan Pizzo killing it as usual!  More coming soon check out the video below!  I hope to get more footage soon!

Upper Corner Hockey


Dear Santa… please bring me a ICE bubble hockey…

Dear Santa,

I know I haven’t been that good this year… but can you please bring me a Super Chexx bubble hockey table?   Yeah I know I use to have one 10 years ago and I sold it… but times where different then… I was a single guy not knowing what my future would hold… =)

With all that said… I am sure Santa sure as hell isn’t bringing me one but doesn’t mean you can’t buy one for your family!  or be greedy like i was back in the day and buy one for yourself… just make sure you have friends to play it with… (my problem is no friends would play me anymore because i got so damn good at it)    this is totally not a one player game…  Anyways Click here to buy… or for more info

Merry Christmas!
upper corner hockey!

First one on… last one to leave…

This is the endless tale of my Friday morning hockey… “First one on… and last one to leave….”    To most it is just open hockey… But to me and the others that play… it is like our own league…

I been playing every Friday for the past 9 months… Thanks to my buddy Ryan Pizzo at DMC Rehab for dragging me to the Rink at 6 am…  It was the first time back on the ice. Before that it was out on the pond… Ryan convinced me that it would be a perfect fit for me and he was 100% correct… At first I missed a lot of passes… I screwed up a lot of plays… but it all came together when I put that puck into the back of the net…  It made me realize…”hey, I can do this…”   and that little bit of confidence is all it took to make me a regular…

So from not playing for 16 years… to roller hockey outside… to finding my little slice of heaven on the ice…   It is possible to get back into the game…  What are you waiting for?

Brent @ upper corner hockey

The Cure for Hockey Fever!

Well tomorrow I get to play my once a week on ice…  Due to the rain we have had all summer long… I’ve basically abandoned roller hockey…  Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy roller hockey but it doesn’t hold a candle to playing on the purest way of hockey possible… which is “on ice” …

Brent –>

Want to play a game?

Well with a lot of spring ice hockey seasons starting last week and people taking to the streets seeing the snow is melting in most states.  Will you be taking the summer off or playing all year around?  I wanted to play ice but finances are keeping me from that. But they do have a Summer league in like 14 or so weeks.  I am going to see what I can do.  I am enjoying Ice Hockey so much better these days.  Been joining my friends Ryan Pizzo and Ben on Friday mornings.  It feels so good to be back on the ice.    I am also looking for the right fit for me.  Do I play the over 35 league?  or do I play with all the younger guys?  I been trying both with the open hockey and just can’t make up my mind.  Hopefully time will help with that decision.  I took this photo a week ago on a nice warm afternoon.  In the photo is my Easton Stealth 55s Cammeralli curve 85 flex hockey stick.   I taped it up extra so the blade wasn’t exposed.  It worked well but again I want to keep this one for ice only.

Brent —->

Soft Hands Hockey! i’ll give it a go..

Got this product in the mail today.  The product is Soft Hands visit them at  Really easy to apply.  I am going to test it out tomorrow.  I have already taped up the stick fresh and new so i’ll give it a go first thing in the am.   I took a few shots in my practice area and you can definately feel a slight difference in feel.  Doesn’t feel like a harsh plastic blade anymore.  I am excited to try it out on the ice tomorrow…  I’ll keep ya posted…
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Need to restock….

Well I polished off my first batch of H2O Energy drink.  I am leaning more towards the Hydrate version because it doesn’t have any caffeine in it.  I am not one that does well with that kind of stuff.  But both products work awesome as advertised!   visit them at

Or follow the discussion at

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Green Biscuit “snipe” now shootable practice puck…

Green Biscuit Snipe” is what they are calling it.  I have the “sauce” version and I recommend now shooting it but they are claiming now that the “Snipe” version is totally shootable.  I went to Sports Plus in Whippanny, NJ and they have this awesome display right on the counter.  I didn’t test one out but I am very tempted to buy one.  They are a little more expensive that the original but If it doesn’t break and works just as good then I’m ALL IN!  For more info click here

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