The Cure for Hockey Fever!

Well tomorrow I get to play my once a week on ice…  Due to the rain we have had all summer long… I’ve basically abandoned roller hockey…  Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy roller hockey but it doesn’t hold a candle to playing on the purest way of hockey possible… which is “on ice” …

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My Favorite thing about Hockey is… Everything…. Hockey meme

Made this meme for my fans/likes on my facebook page…. I posted the question “My Favorite thing about Hockey is…” and most everyone posted “Everything”   So as an appreciation to all my fans/likes i dedicated this one to them…    A great team effort everyone!  Thanks..  Join the fun and like us on 


Is it Oct. (wait WTF?) January 9th yet?

Is it Oct. (wait WTF?)   January 9th yet?  Well this is a short season due to the NHL lockout.  But we aren’t complaining seeing it is only little more than a week away!   This NHL Meme is currently going viral on and   give both sites a “like” so you don’t miss out.

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