Verbero’s Duro Inline Hockey Puck

Duro Puck by Verbero Meme

I got this in the mail today from Verbero Inline Hockey.  It is the Duro Inline Hockey Puck.  The most durable inline puck on the market today.  This new line of Inline pucks has an interchangable sliders!  According to Verbero “Our Team has designed the duro to be not only long-lasting and versatile, but to have profamance akin to that of the advanced Verbero Model”.  That is great news to hear because I am going to put this puck to the torcher test!  I am going to beat the snot out of this thing and video the whole thing.  Stay tuned and sub to us on for all the updates and like Verbero on facebook @

Brent Dolan
Upper Corner Hockey