Don’t go through life without goals…


Don’t go through life without goals…  yes a play on words with pun intended!

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Love is an open door to an ice rink!

love-is-an-open-door-hockey-memeI had a caption contest last night on  and even though this wasn’t the exact photo that was in the caption contest.   The saying made a lot of sense.   I had a photo of a the rink door opening so I meme-ed it on this photo.   Thanks to little223 for the saying.  It is from the movie frozen but it makes perfect hockey sense!

Enjoy the day!
Upper Corner Hockey

Labatts Beer Shares my Hockey Meme

Woke up this morning… and right before I jump in the shower… I usually check my phone out… and low and behold I saw this… How cool is this?  I didn’t even know Labatts was following me… I do enjoy a Labatts Blue so maybe I’ve posted that in the past and they got wind of it… Either way great stuff!   Go give them a like on their facebook post to show the support back

Thanks for the support
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Challenge your limits…

What Goals have you set for this summer?  My goal is to get my endurance up…  I know that doesn’t seem like much to most but at age 39 I am no spring chicken.   Most of the time playing kids 10 or more years younger than me.  It is hard to keep up and still get up and go to work in the morning…  But isn’t that what makes Hockey so fun?

Enjoy Hockey…
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