True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes


True XC 9 ACF First Shots on ice hockey snipes

I took this shots (in a hurry btw) after playing our usual Sunday night hockey!   I knew I didn’t have a whole lot of time but I wanted to get some pops on video.   This hockey stick is a beast!    It’s been 3 weeks of playing with this stick and I gotta say… it has the most pop out of any stick i’ve every used… It’s an effortless pop too!    I’ve probably already took 1000 clappers with it with practice and game play.  Lots of one timers too…   I’ll post more video as soon as I can get it.   Check out the video below.

Brent #uppercornerhockey

Devils Hockey Red Vs White but no Doc Emrick!

With the Lockout over and now a short 2013 season.  The New Jersey Devils 1-16-13 have their first Red Vs White Scrimmage.  David Clarkson puts in the first goal at around 4:00 mark.  It is a sweet upper corner too.  Definitely worth the watch if you are a Devils fan or starving for hockey!   But I have to say one thing.  Just isn’t the same without Doc Emrick calling the plays….  #dropthepuck  😉