First Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!


The first Video Game Ever Licensed by the NHL and it isn’t what you think!   Yes it was this game back in 1980 made for the Intellivision  by Mattel Electronics.    If you don’t believe me… check the photo below of the back of the box. Photo Below!


Even Wiki doesn’t acknowledge it!   Come on man!

This game to today’s standards sucked!  LOL…  But for an old fart like me… the graphics where mind blowing!  This was Next Level hockey video game (for the time)!   Sad to say right?   Watch this random youtube video I found of the game play below!

This game will always have a place in my heart!   I am so happy to have it in my hockey video game collection.  I will do my best to save them all from the dumpsters across America!


Price drop on NHL The Goal Light


I will be doing a full review with video very soon… but I’ve seen this in action on the web and it is great..    Perfect for any fan Man or Woman for their Hockey “Man Cave”     It is also on sale plus free shipping via Prime  click here

A great gift for any Hockey player for fan!   Pick your team and play their goal horn!   #mindblown.

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Hanson Brothers give pregame speech of a lifetime!


Best quote ever “Bleed All over them, let em know you’re there!” too funny!   The original movie Goon Squad The Hanson Brothers from the classic movie “Slap Shot” showed up at Kraft Hockeyville USA game, played in Johnstown, PA.  I wrote more on this at so feel free to check it out.   Watch the full speech in this video below:

If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 40 years then you don’t know who these guys are… or have been born in the last decade… so refresh your memory and buy the must have video on DVD or stream.


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Welcome Back NHL

Welcome back NHL!  It is great to see this season start off with out a hitch!  The first game to Drop the Puck was the Bruins vs Flyers…  Bruins score the first goal of the 2014 – 2015 Season and also win the game as well…    See video highlights below.


I started a Thread Discussion here –>

NHL 2014 -2015 Season Drop the puck #dropthepuck

NHL 2014 -2015 Season starts today!  I say  Drop the puck #dropthepuck

Feel free to use this graphic and add hash tag Drop the Puck example: #dropthepuck
looking for it to go viral because… it should!

Happy Hockey everyone and good luck to everyone team!
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Fast Hands Hockey Hands on review


Looking to get some faster hands? Want to stick handle around that D easier? Find your inner dangle… Check out my review on the Fast Hands Hockey in the Review section or click here


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