No one ever got better doing nothing hockey meme

With that said… I try to shoot and stick handle at least every day… There isn’t a day goes by I don’t chip or sauce a puck 5 hole into my Hockey Shot Sniper’s Edge hockey shooting tarp…  I do say it is a luxury to have a set up in my basement… even if it isn’t professionally install and looks like a million bucks… it is highly effective and keeps my walls and anything else I have down there from getting damaged…     It is a great work out!  The kids and I have a blast playing down there passing the Green Biscuit around…  They even love the Extreme Passing Kit and how it rebounds the puck back to you… they think that is the coolest thing…  So what are you going to do in the hockey off season to stay in hockey shape?

I made this video below awhile back and forgot to publish it… I some practice on a three camera shoot because hell why not right?  (unless you don’t have three cameras to shoot with)  So check it out below and keep practicing as much as possible…

Upper Corner Hockey