Vote for the Green Biscuit!

Photo above is taken by me after one full year of using the green biscuit for stick handling and passing…

Go to this direct link to vote,-Snipe-&-Blush   Vote now and vote often!

Myself and my two daughters are huge fans of the green biscuit…  You have heard me for over a year now talking about how great this off ice training device is… All you need is a stick and the green biscuit and you can train stick handling and passing (with a rebounder or a friend) Visit for more info on the Green Biscuit and please help Tom out to making his dream a reality!   Vote now… please…

Brent @ upper corner hockey

Skip to 5:20 in the video

Fly Puck Review! Off ice training puck…

Check out my full review of the Fly Puck…  I review the 8oz version of the puck because I feel it is a good training device with the added weight… Read more —>

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Puck Push Cart!

My Daughter came up with this idea the other night when I was in the basement stick handling on the dry land Hockey shot tiles and shooting into the ‘snipers edge’ shooting tarp.  She tells me “I’ll help gather the hockey pucks for you Daddy…”   Talk about one smart little cookie or should I say biscuit =)

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